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Mr. Frankly

New release from Violent Change tonight...


Rock, Punk, Jazz, Experimental

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Wednesday 3/27/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Butthole Surfers Goofy's Concern 1993
Butthole Surfers Alcohol
Various Artists Camembert - Potham Weird Pop(?) From The Peace Country Peace Country Diaspora New Comp
Violent Change Wal-Mart Parking Lot Violent Change Catholic Guilt New
Eivind Aarset Close (For Comfort) Dream Logic ECM New
Bad Daddies Regress Bad Year EP Central District Records New
Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa #1 Open The Crown K Records New
Charles Boyd Milli Vanillicide Douchebag Zombie Self Released New
Legs Two Colours Legs Self Released New
Liquor Store/Natural Child Natural Child - Gas Station Split Tour 7" Almost Ready 2011/ Natural Child - Playing Live 3/28 at Bow's and Arrows in Sac 8pm show
Rob Mazurek Octet Galactic Ice Skeleton Skull Sessions Cuneiform Records New
Steve Coleman and Five Elements Sinews Functional Arrhythmias Pi New
Billy Bragg No One Knows Nothing Anymore Tooth & Nail Cooking Vinyl New
Various Artists Wand - Mt. St. Helens Weird Pop(?) From The Peace Country Peace Country Diaspora New Comp
White Fence Chairs In The Dark Cyclops Reap Castle Face New
Isengrind - Twinsistermoon - Natural Snow Buildings Isengrind - Cat's Cradles The Snowbringer Cult Ba Da Bing New/ Natural Snow Buildings with two side project bands
Family Curse Arcane Radio Twilight Language Doormat New
Wire Stealth Of A Stork Change Becomes Us Pink Flag New
Max Load You're A Blur Max Load BDR Records New Re-release from 1979-1983
The Shivas Swimming With Sharks White Out K Records New
Lydia Lunch Mechanical Flattery Retro Virus ugExplode New
Sector Zero Hiding In My Car Guitar Attack b/w Hiding In My Car Goner New
Various Artists Soft Drinks - Pepsi Cola The Thing From The Crypt (I Nearly Died Laughing) Dark Entries New re- release from 1981
Feelings Appliance Fun With Mantras Urinal Cake New
Curtis Hasselbring Green Dress, Maryland Welcome Center, 95 NB Number Stations Cuneiform Records New
Dylan Ryan/Sand White Magic Sky Bleached Cuneiform Records New
Thomasz Stanko New York Quartet Assassins Wislawa ECM New