Sounds Like Work

Milson Tisdale

This week you have Calamity Janie instead of Loren, I know, it's confusing.  He'll be back next week!


psych, drone, electronic, experimental, rock

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Thursday 3/21/2013 @ 9:00PM - 11:00PM
Teenage Fanclub I Need Direction Howdy! Thirsty Ear clean mellow rock
Girls Names Hypnotic Regression The New Life Slumberland NEW clean, mellow rock
Dog Bite No Sharing Velvet Changes Carpark NEW clean melodic dreamy rock
Wax Idols Sound of a Void Discipline + Desire Slumberland NEW clean gothy rock
John McCrea Rancho Seco Rancho Seco Mad Rover single 45 A side, clean rock
Black Dahlias Wednesday Night S/T Plastic Idol single 45 A1 clean
The Rockers Don't Leave Me Tonight The Rockers Cheap Rewards NEW single 33 A1 so good, powerpop PICK OF THE WEEK
nurses Cardiac Arrest destroy your friends Hyped 2 Death clean, rock
We Were Promised Jetpacks Picture of Health In The Pit Of The Stomach Fatcat clean, rock
The Living Eyes Outta Doubt The Living Eyes Anti Fade NEW clean, rock
The Rats We Don't Need No One I Don't Understand It ¡Puta! single 45 B side clean punk
Wimps Hello Frustration Repeat End of Time Records clean, fun punk
Various Artists The Blue Devils- Lotta Rhythm Let It All Hang Out! Alopecia clean garage punk- note to self, 15 is good too
Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin Doctor Doctor Reverse Shark Attack In The Red clean, lofi rock n roll
Cee Bee Beaumont Double Ginger Ready to Riot! Damaged Goods single 45 A1 clean garage instro
The Cormans Tiger Lilly Mingo Total Punk NEW single 45 clean garage instro
The Mortals Bulletproof Bulletproof Estrus International clean garage rock instro
Controlled Bleeding Wall of China Love Letters Wall of China Soup Time single 45 clean, instro rock, excellent
Monster Movie Driving Through the Red Lights All Lost Graveface clean upbeat electro
Various Artists Copy- Closet Face PDX Pop Now! 2006 PDX-Pop Now! clean electro instro
Sharp Ease, the Hot N Heavy- State of Confusion s/t Spitshine single 33 clean hyper electro
Katsen Lets Build a City It Hertz! Shelflife clean hyper electro
These Are Powers Easy Answers All Aboard Future Dead Oceans clean, heavy techno
V/A Kapital Punischment- Save Your Kisses for Me Hybrid Kids- A Collection of Classic Mutants Cherry Red LP 33 dirty? A-last creepy
Hobocop Stench of Death Half-Man Half-Cop Self Released NEW clean, weird punk
Tyvek Early Spring On Triple Beams In The Red dirty? rock
Vamps Carving Knife What's Your Excuse Bee Hive single 45 dirty? side A rock
Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons Ice Cream To God weirdpunk
Stolen Minks Rip It Up Family Boycott New Romance For Kids dirty, rock/punk
Ghastly Spats Sordid We're Breaking Through The Hymen! Heinous Anus NEW dirty? single A2 rock/punk
Native Cats / UV Race Ten Years Transportation Native Cats / UV Race Ride the Snake NEW single 45 B dirty dramatic rock