The Funky Joint

DJ Deep Blue & DJ EZ Smooth


Hip-hop, reggae, acid jazz

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Wednesday 3/20/2013 @ 3:00AM - 4:30AM
Aim Before...After Birchwood
Kero One Tempted Windmills of the Soul
Shad New School Leaders When This Is Over
Kero One This Life Aint Mine
Shad Rock to It When This Is Over
Joey Bada$$ Righteous Minds 1999
The Whoevers Reach The Redtape
Kid Cudi Cleveland is the Reason A Kid Named Cudi
The Whoevers Live Life The Redtape
The Procussions Little People
Nujabes Feather ft. CYNE
Common Market Swell Tobacco Road
People Under the Stairs Acid Raindrops
Kero One Musical Journey Windmills of the Soul
Nicolay There's No Guarantee City Lights Volume 1.5
Kero One This Life Aint Mine Early Believers
Arrested Devlopment Can U Hear Me? Greatest Hits
Common Market Tobacco Road Tobacco Road