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I've included some Peter Gabriel in today's line-up.  New bands Galia Social from Florida, Mantric Muse from Denmark and a tribute song for the recently deceased Peter Banks. 

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Saturday 3/23/2013 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Kevin Gilbert The Sultan Of Burnei The Kaviar Sessions USA
Peter Gabriel Strawberry Fields Forever All This And World War II 1976; England
Emerson, Lake and Palmer The Old Castle/Blues Variation Pictures At An Exhibition Rhino 1972; England
Mantric Muse Sinbad Sofareren Mantric Muse Transubstans 2012; Denmark
Peter Banks Astral Traveler Tales From Yesterday Magna Carta 1995/2006; England
Marillion Easter Season's End EMI 1989; England
Kingbathmat Illuminous Pups Fantastic Freak Show Carnival Stereo Head Records 2005; England
Galia Social Warning Signs Demo 2012 Self-released 2012; USA
Lifesigns Carousel Lifesigns Cherry Red 2013; England
Cervello Galassia Melos Contempo 1973; Italy
KTU Quiver Quiver Hoedown Arts 2011; Multinational
Sunchild Postcards From The Past/The Invisible Line The Invisible Line Caerilysi 2009; Ukraine
Trettioariga Kriget Kalidoniska Orogenesen Trettioariga Kriget Epic/Mellotronen 1974; Sweden
Continuo Renacer The Unknown Man Continuo Renacer Indar Productions 2005; Spain
Anglagard Ur Vilande Viljars Oga Anglagard Records 2012; Sweden