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Monday 3/04/2013 @ 10:30PM - 12:00AM
Huge Hart White Sox Fan S/T Big Muscle
Missing Foundation Your House Is Mine Your House Is Mine Partys Over
Tesco Vee God Bullies Dutch Hercules ep Touch and Go
KillDozer A Mans Gotta Be A Man Side of Pork Bone Air
United States of Existence/ V/A Shadows of Rainbows The Rebel Kind V/A Sound Interesting
Kilgore Trout Quality Control Stick it In The Bank Man Hits $ Corruption
Micronots Tied To The Tracks The Beast That Devoured Itself Freash Sounds
Poptronix TV Programmed TV Set TV Programmed TV Set Poptronix
The Waxmen King's Lead Hat Slick View Vital Music
Firewood Rococo Firewood Robber Baron
Get Smart Berlin on the Plains Action Reaction Fever
Hank IV Symptomatic Dirty Poncho b/w Symptomatic Plastic Idol
The Miracle Workers/ V/A Infected With You The Rebel Kind V/A Sound Interesting
RF7 Low Class Girl Weight Of The World Smoke Seven Music
Hi-Beams Hyperactive Self-Titled New Breed
Deciples The Bride that Died but She is Still By My Side Midget Village Barking Spider Label
Matt Grim Stet Backstreet Boy Disposable
Richard Termini Project Modern Science Dangerous Games Dyslexia
Robert Marlow No Heart I Just Want to Dance Reset
T.C. Matic Modern Noise Self-Titled Statik
V/A Machine Gun- Trazim te Bombardiranje New Yorka Slusai Naiglasnue!
V/A D&V- Wake Up Devastate to Liberate Yangki
V/A Blitzkrieg Bop- Let's Go Waves Bomp
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 Sports Car Tangle Enablers
V/A Legendary Pink Dots- mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Devastate to Liberate Yangki
Horny Genius If You Could Smell What I Think Man & Beast Pooter
Graphic Shadows I Only Did it to Make You Mad Self-Titled Explicit
V/A Satan Ponanski- Lepi Mario Bombardiranje New Yorka Slusai Naiglasnue
Grave Goods Narrow House Grave House Wishingwell