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DJ Tru Dat & Elfboi

missing elfboi today :( playing icelandic music in their honor! plus sustainability, interview with the tenderloins, dj tessalicious, swedish music, and more!


Indie, Funk, Folk, DANCE

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Monday 2/25/2013 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
The Tenderloins Drop It and Run The Tenderloins
The Tenderloins Down the Hole The Tenderloins
The Tenderloins Going Down The Tenderloins
Audreye Session Turn Me Off
Low Roar Just A Habit
Parachutes Tree Roots Turn To Forts
Sakert! Far jag
Majority Says 114
Soley Pretty Face
Jonathan Johansson Horoskop
Sin Fang Catcher Flowers
Lockerbie Laut
The Weatherveins Only One I Love
The Mountains & the Trees Up and Down (Berlin Sessions)
Gregory Alan Isakov Raising Cain
Jana Hunter Palms