Raise the Dead

The Blasphemer


 airing interview with David Torturdød of Undergang


and new tracks from Devil, Vreid, Blood Tsunami, and Darkthrone 



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Saturday 3/02/2013 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Undergang Englemagersken/Dodshymne Indhentet af Doden Extremely Rotten cassette
Undergang Interview with David Torturdod
Undergang Habet Er Ligblegt Til Doden Os Skiller Extremely Rotten cassette
Disma Chaos Apparition Towards the Megalith Profound Lore Records
Rippikoulu Kadonneet Jumalat Musta Seremonia self released
Mold Terrifying Visions KTDF Promo Extremely Rotten
Bane of Existence Denounced Humanity's Splintered Salvation Fleshfeast Productions
Wormridden Putrid Remains Infesting the Grave Extremely Rotten
Funebrarum Depths of Misery Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods Necroharmonic Productions
Rottrevore Dismal Fate Iniquitous Drowned Productions
Cruciamentum Deathless Ascension Convocation of Crawling Chaos self released
Sulphurous The Gnawing Darkness Demo XII Serpent Pulse Records
Goat Molestor Glorification of the Impure Ancient Barbaric Assault self released
Backyard Mortuary Beyond the Grave Lure of the Occult self released
Vreid Way of the Serpent Welcome Farewell Indie
Devil Southern Sun Gather The Sinners Soulseller
Blood Tsunami Butcher of Rostov For Faen! Indie
Darkthrone Come Warfare, the Entire Doom The Underground Resistance Peaceville