Fetal Jitters

h.g. & Trotsky


Eclectic, Punk

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Monday 2/18/2013 @ 10:30PM - 12:00AM
High Speed and The Afflicted Man Get Stoned Ezy Get Stoned Ezy Rock Toilet 1982
The Demented/ V/A Deadly Game/ How Can I Kill Sudden Death V/A Smoke Seven 1983
The Mortal Micronotz Not Too Sure The Mortal Micronotz Fresh Sounds 1982
Mood of Defiance/ V/A Flower Child Life is Beautiful v/A New Underground 1983
Venom P. Stinger Precious Little Time Meet My Friend Venom No Master Voice 1986
Chain Gang Gross Out On 40 Deuce Mondo Manhattan Lost 1987
Teenage Panzerkorps Unfavorable Meanings Games for Slaves Siltbreeze 2009
Chrome/ VA Anti- Fade Subterranean Modern V/A Blaph 1979
Shocking Bue I'll Follow the Sun 3rd Album Opus 1973
Visitors Hell Yes The Visitors Citadel 1988
Cost Of Living Hey Hey Hey Comic Book Page T.C.O.L 1989
MyDolls Excorcism Imposter b/w Exorcism CIA 1982
Faster, Frightwig Big Bang Kill Kill Caroline 1986
Reaction / Neverending Party Unbelivable split Thrillhouse 2008
Hated Hey Mister No More We Cry Yermin Scum 1985
Newd Bad Guys Harry Tracey is Dead Forefront 1986
Reports The Valley Dinamo Cambridge Ride the Snake 2012
Neats Sad Neats Ace of Hearts 1983
100 Flowers Contributions Drawing Fire S/R 1984
Nothing Up There Always Friction Nothing Up There Always Tantrum 1987
Brygada Kryzys Ty I Tylko Ty Brygada Kryzys Freash 1982
Names Calcutta Calcutta/ Postcards Ideal Play 1980
Cassandra Complex Lets Go To Europe Finland Play it Again Sam 1990