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Monday 2/18/2013 @ 1:00PM - 2:30PM
Johnny Angel Wendell No Fun In The Modern World My Lesbian Friend Sound Of The Southwest New 7-inch
The Rockers I Want To Tell You The Rockers Cheap Rewards New 7-inch reissue, orig. 1980
The Rockers Comeback The Rockers Cheap Rewards
Nothing People C'Mon Girl C'mon Girl b/w Walk On SS Records New 7-inch
Ozzie Strange Stains The Parabolic Rock: 1975-1982 SS Records
King Tuff Love Potion Screaming Skull b/w Love Potion Sub Pop 2012
Go Genre Everything Giant Robot Domestic Dreams and Robots Vacant Valley 2012
Glitter Wizard Wizard Wagon Hunting Gatherers Captcha New 12-inch! 2012
Mmoss Spoiled Sun Only Children Trouble in Mind New 12-inch!
Syd Barrett Late Night The Madcap Laughs Harvest 1970
The Twinkeyz Sweet Nothing Cartoon Land
Franklin's Mint Spider Babies Spider Babies b/w Nothing Without Love La Brea New 7-inch!
Woolen Kits Please Four Girls R.I.P. Society/Trouble In Mind
Woolen Kits Shelley Four Girls R.I.P. Society/Trouble In Mind
Ex Con Cuda '82 Ex Con Bon Voyage New 7-inch! Brisbane, Australia
Sex Church Slipped Somnambulist Instant Pleasure/Psychic Handshake New 12-inch! playing @1604 Pole Line on 3/21
Wipers Can This Be Youth of America 1981
Banque Allemande Schwarz Vor Schwarzer Wand Willst du Chinese sein musst du die ekligen Sachen essen SS Records New 12-inch! Germany