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Tuesday 2/05/2013 @ 2:30PM - 4:30PM
Terminal Beach Love On Auto T.B. Records 1982
Virna Lindt Intelligence The Compact Organization 1983
Tot Taylor & His Orchestra The Chocolate Song GTO UK 1981
Bengal Fhats Speak Buck 1980
The Korgis Cold Tea s/t Rialto 1979
Patrick Gibson I Needle The Oven! M Squared 1982
Gary Allen Oops It's An Accident Gary Allen In White America 1999 1982
Vice Versa Stilyagi Backstreet Backlash Records 1980
Hermann Kopp Jezt Will Ich Ein Guter Junge Sein Abgang Innen Senkrecht Vol.3 XX 2004
The Revenge Gimme The Good Times Blood Records 1980
Vital Signs Trading In Guilt Power Station Records 1983
DC That's Vaught! 198?
The Revenge Don't Tell Me Lies Blood Records 1980
Wipers No One Wants An Alien Over The Edge Brain Eater 1983
Psychic Ills FBI One Track Mind Sacred Bones 2013
Prince Rama Fire Sacrifice - Black Elk Speaks Top Ten Hits of the End of the World terrorbird 2012
Dante & The Lobsters Polaroids Wonders Moon Glyph 2013
Subsonics Chosen Few In The Black Spot Slovenly 2012
The Brian Wilson Shock Treatment If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium Operation Sun Probe Poe 2012
Bugs, The Silver Train (No.9) S/T Self-Released 2005
Connections Totally Carpool Private Airplane Anyway 2013
Cheap Time Ginger Snap Cheap Time In The Red 2008
The Bird Names New Mexico Wooden Lake / Sexual Diner Unsound 2007
Glenn Branca Lesson No. 2 The Ascension Acute 2003
Horrid Red Foehn Wind Pink Flowers 2011
Lives Of Angels Golden Age Fire 1986