Fever Dreams


FEVER DREAM XIX: Offshore Deception

On a balmy January afternoon in the South Pacific,  fragrant wind whistles through a towering cluster of austere architecture.  In the low surf, a woman jumps through the waves, caring nothing for the razor-sharp coral and clusters of jellyfish intermittently dotting the shore.  She laughs deeply and with an almost sordid abandon. Under the shaded palms on the sand sits a man in a white suit and mirrored sunglasses, the end of his cigar burning red around the steady ends of his fingertips. His unresponsive visage hides a sense of satisfaction that only the woman could notice. They smile at their own nature: two adherents to the way of Death, providing a corrupt overture to even the most flawless place on Earth.

Future Garage, Indie, Vaporwave, New Wave, Downtempo


Eclectic, Electronic, Indie, Retro, Funk, Chillwave

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Wednesday 1/30/2013 @ 2:30PM - 4:30PM
Diskette Romances Miro's Dream Diskette Romances Sunup Recordings 2012
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