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Christopher Garbage & Miss Dot

git git git ready fer it


Punk, Free Jazz, Noise, Trash Rock

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Tuesday 1/22/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Trance Farmers Purple Hay Dual Form (comp) Leaving Records love ya june box
The Trashies I Wanna Detroy You Space Jam Minor Bird / 24/7 Industries
The Younger Lovers Hey Jody Newest Romantic​/​California Soul EP​/​Super Fresh Demos under the gun
Shannon and the Clams Ozma Ozma 1-2-3-4 GO!
Bare Wires Look Over Yr Shoulder Artificial Clouds Tic Tac Totally! Records
Terry Malts Nauseous Killing Time Slumberland Records
Rank/Xerox Nausea Rank/Xerox Make a Mess
Various Artists Defectors-Kick Firestone Emergency Room vol 1 Grotesque Modern/Nominal
C.R.A.S.H. Life to Live A War on All Fronts 7" PPM
Human Baggage Two Cities Human Baggage demo demo demo
Lechuguillas Kip Long Live the Chupacabra self
Hank Wood and the Hammerheads White People White People SINGLE Toxic State Records
God Equals Genocide Give it up Front Rattled Minds Razorcake
Murder City Devils Officer Three Natural Sixes 7" Hopscotch Records
Leaders Electric Cadaver Rub You Wrong Point Wrex
No Dice Suffer Suffer 625 Thrash
No Comment For Tomorrows Sake Common Senseless 7" Snare Dance Records
Sick Fix Boudica Vexed A389
Kitchen's Floor Still Night Orbit R.I.P. Society
No Doctors T-Bone (Part 1) T-Bone Yik Yak
No Doctors T-Bone (Pt. 2) T-Bone Yik Yak
Pangea Too Drunk to COme Living Dummy olFactory/Burger
Outdoorsmen Slap My Hand You and Me and Rock n Roll Daggerman
The New Season A Dark Horse The New Season Vacant Valley
Outer Minds Pleasure Cruise Behind The Mirror FDH/Red Loungue/Resurrection Records
So Stressed Molly Attracted to Mouths Wet Heads
Gentlemen Wild Action Jazz Self Titled Demo
CCR Headcleaner Diamonds Aren't Forever CCR Headcleaner Gnar Tapes ****WOw
Stillsuit 6 Stillsuit Self Released
Dripper Pitching Pile Wet Heads
Nazti Skinz Criminal Crime Sic Semper Tyrannis
Hazel's Wart Future Paralysis Together We Didn't Skrot Up
Pink Section Tour of China Tour of China/Shopping
Dragging an Ox Through Water Horror Toads Rebukes! Smells Delicious
Exusamwa Vulcan Formed Them Excusez-Moi! 100% Breakfast Records
Acid Fast Old Ideas 2010 Demo
Dog Leather Stikky Yurpie Stomp Greezy Man And Stinky Man Meets Smutty Ranks On Tarantula Hill Ehse Records
Primary Colors Lovely Detritus Feral Scriptures