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Indie, Funk, Folk, DANCE

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Monday 1/21/2013 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
No Time Left Youth Culture Industry Self Titled 625 Thrash
Nobunny Lizards, Liars & $lut$ for Hire MaximumRockNRoll Goner
Useless Eaters Sucked In Sucked in Goner
Sex Cult Errand Boy Errand Boy Goner
Ty Segall Bullet Proof Nothing Caesar Goner Simply Saucer Cover!
Gasoline Let's GO Harley Lets Go Harley Goner
Moving Finger/Ex-Cult/Toxie/Nots Nots - Voyeur Gonerfest Bonus Album Goner
Ex-Cult Future Victims Ex-Cult Goner
Moving Finger/Ex-Cult/Toxie/Nots Moving Finger - In the Ground Gonerfest Bonus Album Goner
Sharp Balloons Evening News Genetic Disorder Orange Plates Goner
The Lost Sounds Lost And Found Plastic Skin Goner
Boston Chinks Sleepyheads S/T Goner
John Wesley Coleman III/ Followed By Static John Wesley Coleman - Funky Monster Personality Pancake ep//Bacon Bear ep Way Out There Records
Oscars Jump for Joy S/T Goner
Magic Kids Hey Boy Hey Boy Goner
Fine Steps Move Over Kid, Move Over KK Fine Little Pop Songs Self-Released
John Wesley Coleman III/ Followed By Static Followed By Static - Cop GLoves Personality Pancake ep//Bacon Bear ep Way Out There Records
Ausmuteants Spit on the Cat Ah...What An Ugly Face Every Face Is Heinous Anus
The Lloyd Pack A Practitioner Walking With Contradictions (excerpt) Know Your Lloyd Pack Siltbreeze
Tractor Hips Popcorn Maker The Sovereign and the Dogs Friction///
The Philosophic Collage Toxic Poppies Genius BDR Records
Finally Punk Australia Primary Colors Army of Bad Luck
Ghastly Spats The River We're Breaking Through The Hymen! Heinous Anus
The Sulphur Lights Hat and Beard Little Pills Self Released
The Cormans Mingo Mingo Total Punk
Mad Nanna My Two Kids My Two Kids Soft Abuse
Ty Segall/ The Feeling Of Love TFOL - I Could Be Better Than You But I Don't Wanna Change Split Permanent
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys Have You Ever Ready For Boredom R.I.P. Society
The Normals Don't Pick Me Vacation to Nowhere Last Laugh
Scraps A Salty Sea A Salty Sea Dirty Knobby
G.Green Cigs, Cool USA Don't Run A Christopher Robert Jones request
The Barbaras Devour the Jungle Deer 2006-2008 Goner Records
Outer Minds Until You're Dead Bloodshot Eyes HoZac
Outer Spacist I Talk With Telepathy, Baby The Mind Is As Outer Space Columbus Discount
Scraps Shepherd to Sheep A Salty Sea Dirty Knobby