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Friday 1/18/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Alestorm Wenches & Mead Captain Morgan's Revenge
Dying Fetus Subjected to a Beating Reign Supreme
Heidevolk Wapenbroeders Batavi
Cro-Mags Malfunction Age of Quarrel
Chaos Inception Black Blood Vortex Abrogation
Amon Eye of the Infinite Liar in Wait
Atrocity Abyss of Addiction Hallucinations Thank you for the request!
First Step Will It Ever End Open Hearts & Clear Minds
Amsvartner Memories of Faded Kingdoms Trollish Mirror
Animosity Black Page Empires
Floor Iron Girl Floor
Incantation From Hollow Sands Vanquish in Vengeance
Napalm Death Breed to Breathe Breed to Breathe
16 What Went Wrong? Bridges to Burn
Thanatos In Utter Darkness Angelic Encounters
Disembodied Nemesis Heretic
Virus Testify to Me Force Recon
Diamond Head Lightning to the Nations Lightning to the Nations
Enthroned Final Architect Obsidium
Lyzanxia Mind Split Mindcrimes
Converge Coral Blue All We Love We Leave Behind
On Broken Wings Frozen Over It's All a Long Goodbye
Deathspell Omega Fiery Serpents Drought
Cadaver Goatfather Necrosis
Brick Bath Dollar Signs American Currency
Crown Drugged Unholy Crowned in Terror
Abominable Iron Sloth Distant Pond from the Rivers of Human Limelight Abominable Iron Sloth
Fiends at Feast From Hell They Rise Towards the Baphomet's Throne
Abysmal Dawn State of Mind From Ashes
Deadly Blessing Salem's Lot Limited Edition EP
Hatesphere Low Life Vendetta Bloodred Hatred
Kalmah Alteration Swamplord
Malignancy Global System Collapse Eugenics
Akimbo Spooning With Disaster Forging Steel & Laying Stone
Forced Entry Apathy As Above So Below
Runemagick Dawn of the Lava Aeon Requiem of the Apocalypse
Edge of Sanity Black Tears Purgatory Afterglow
Eternal Tears of Sorrow Black Tears Chaotic Beauty
Heaven Shall Burn Black Tears Iconoclast
Benediction Dark Is The Season Dark Is The Season
Excruciating Terror Suicide Divided We Fall Pessimiser Records
God Dethroned Boiling Blood Bloody Blasphemy Metal Blade
Arckanum Daudmellin Antikosmos Moribund/Debemur Morti
Onslaught Metal Forces The Force Combat
Mor Dagor Corpus Christii Necropedophilia Twilight-Vertrieb
Dark Monarchy Fields of the Impaled Total Fucking War Blood Worship Productions
Cage Psychotically Deranged Astrology WWIII
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult Kataklysmic Bretherens Saldorian Spell War Anthem