Kicksville 29 BC

Tim Matranga

Some cool records and reissues came into my lap this week, including the Knowbody Else (pre-Black Oak Arkansas) and the Birmingham Sunday double set (Airplane-type sounds from Carson City NV circa late 60s -- tons of unreleased stuff of varying quality on there) And I've been diggin' on the All Kinds of Highs release which reissues Mainstream label psych on Big Beat.



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Sunday 1/06/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Night Hawks You're My Baby Stars
Link Wray The Swag
Roy Wayne Honey Won't You Listen Clif Shreveport lbl
Devons Come On Decca
Dick Dale Peter Gunn GMP Crescendo
Scacy & the Sound Service Sunshine Pt 1 Scacy DC label
Valdons All Day Long Twin Cities Funk & Soul Secret Stash
Soul Children Move Over Nobody Wins Kent 1968 Stax Southern Soul
Diamond Joe Gossip, Gossip Sansu
Chuck Brooks Hold On This Time Nobody Wins Kent prev unissued
Flames In the Middle It's My Thing King
Otis Redding Respect Rhino/Volt RSD release
Fascinations High Notes tribute about the Impressions
Temptones Say These Words of Love Arctic originally Daryl Hall
Carl Burnett & the Hustlers Jerk Baby Jerk Carmax 1965
Volcanos Help Wanted Acrtic Gamble/Huff tune
Jennifer Wells Dining in Chinatown Classiest Rarities Kent
Lancasters Earthshaker Titan Fowley related
Avengers Batarang Ardent 1966 Memphis
Knowbody Else MRB Soldiers of Pure Peace Arf Arf 1967 unrel sounds of pre-Black Oak Arkansas
Gurus It Just Won't Be That Way Sundazed NY grp
Public Nuisance Sabor Thing Gotta Survive Third Man leg Sacto 60s group
Churchill Downs I Can Hear a Sound The Churchill Downs R: Shadoks
Amazing Blondel Bethel Town Mission The Amazing Blondel and a Few Faces Bell 1st LP UK
John Pantry Red Chalk Hill The Upside Down World of Tenth Planet demo
Bill Fay The Sun is Bored Nice Tenth Planet Peter Eden production
Flanagan's Circus The Shambles Candy Floss Weekend
Fingers I Hear the Sun prev unissued Peter Eden recording
Peter & the Wolves Break Up - Break Down UK MGM originally John Pantry
Hamilton Streetcar Invisible People You Turned My Head Around Light in the Attic
Honey Ltd Tomorrow Your Heart LHI originally LITA set
Bryan Maclean Tired of Sitting Ifyoubelievin Sundazed
Danny Michaels And They Are Changin LHI LITA
Birmingham Sunday Egocentric Solitude Prevalent Visionaries Crossfire Publications Carson City, NV
Birmingham Sunday Medieval Journey (demo)
Birmingham Sunday Time to Land
Lee Hazlewood Trouble Maker LHI
Krokodil Last Doors
Davy Graham Walkin' the Dog Midnight Man UK Decca