The Living Dead at Davis

KayVee & Monsterella & Doctor Captinn

KayVee is up, bringing you another batch of horrorpunk for your listening pleasure.


Edwardian Death Punk

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Saturday 1/19/2013 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Ralph Bell Dark, Dark, Dark Spooky Scary Stories Troll Records 1973
Deadbyday Legions of the Damned Night of the Demons Big Jake Music 2011
Shadow Reichenstein Werewolf Order Werewolf Order Fiend Force Records 2005
The Lurking Corpses Nun Vomit Lust For Blood Dark Horizon Records 2006
The Spook The Undead Call Fright Night People Like You Records 2001
The Death Riders Mary Soundtrack For Depression Horror High Records 2005
Knock Galley West As Good As Death The Desperado EP Self Released
Nuke and the Living Dead Vampires First Date Dig This! Crypt of Blood Records 2009
Shriek Closed Casket Romantic Shriek Gregory L Appel Jr 2008
Dr. Bizarro's Victims Beware of the Doctor Don't Lose Your Kool Self Released 2008
George Irving Harold Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 3 HarperFestival 2001
Skarekrows Texas Chainsaw Massacre Are Raising Hell Human Bretzel Records 2005
Zombeast In Nightmares Zombeast Horror High Records 2007
American Werewolves For Your Blood 1968 Robot Monster Records 2005
Creepersin Gett'er Mommy Killer Creepersin's Final Chapter Creepsville Entertainment 2008
Blitzkid Lady in the Lake Five Cellars Below Fiend Force Records 2006
Nim Vind Saturday Night Creepers The Fashion of Fear Fiend Force Records 2005
The Rosedales Cemetery Sock Hop Raise Your Spirits Shallow Grave Records 2003
Left For Dead Night of the Living Dead The Horror of it All Volume 1 Doctor Cyclops Records 2010
Maniac Spider Trash Graveyard Bash Murder Happy Fairytales Wednesday 13 LLC 2011
The Texas Drag Queen Massacre My Queen of Halloween His and Hearse Self Released 2008
Schoolyard Heroes Serial Killers Know How to Party Fantastic Wounds The Control Group 2005
Naughty Zombies Give Me Your Soul Naughty Zombies Self Released
Antiworld Deadtime Stories Comedy of Terrors Another State of Mind 2004
Zombina and the Skeletones Monster Mash Halloween Party Classics Brutarian Records 2007
The Automatons Cemetery Rain Single Art in the Name of Human Flesh 2009
Haunted Garage Incredible Two Headed Transplant Night of the Demons Big Jake Music 2011
The MotherF*ing Browns Scream For Halloween And Now The Screaming Starts Meter Records 2005