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Wednesday 1/02/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Various Artists Bjorn Svin-7 Cirkler i 1 Matrix (2002) Electronic Music Produced at DIEM 1987-2012 Dacapo New Release
Various Artists Anker Fjeld Simonsen-Oktav III (1988) Electronic Music Produced at DIEM 1987-2012 Dacapo
Various Artists Daniel Rothman-Southwest Sky (1988) Electronic Music Produced at DIEM 1987-2012 Dacapo
Mani Neumeier Smoking The Contracts Smoking The Contracts Atavistic 2011
Celer An Unforced Cheerfulness Lightness and Irresponsibility Constellation Tatsu 2012
Lavas Magmas/Regosphere/Dios Project DIOS Project-Gray Town Fog Summer Tour 2010 Dumpster Score 2012
Dayton Sidewinders Funky In Here Let's Go Down To Funksville Carlco rel in 2002/ from original singles 1969-1972
Duane Eddy and the Rebels Choo Choo A Go Go- Toot! Toot! Duane A Go Go Go COLPIX 1965
George Gerdes Slash Your Sole Son Of Obituary United Artists 1972
Blackstone K.C. Funk Blackstone Epic 1971/Featuring Max Weinberg on drums
Blackstone Sleep Tonight Blackstone Epic
Electric Sun Earthquake Earthquake Brain 1979/Uli Jon Roth's 1st album after leaving The Scorpions/ Thanks to DJ Tim Matranga for donating this and the previous 4 albums!