Satan's Children

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The Living Dead are filling in for Deadward tonight! Enjoy two hours of wacky christmas music and songs about The Devil!


Darkwave - Eclectic

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Tuesday 12/25/2012 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
The Abominable Dr. Phibes A Christmas Greeting 1971
Santa Claus Lucifer - You Must Defeat Santa 1959
Actually Here Comes Krampus Huizenga Self Release 2007
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Is Zat You Santa Claus? Everything You Want for Christmas Swing 2004
Les Barons Xmas with Krampus Xmas With Krampus Self Release 2005
Christmas Evil Trailer 1980
Santa Claus Conquers The Martians Trailer 1964
Rudolph And Gang Here Comes Fatty Claus A John Waters Christmas New Line Org. 1982
Travesty Ltd Riot In Toytown A Travesty Christmas Travesty 1983
Various Give It To Me! The Monster's Christmas Peter Pan 1981
Zombina & The Skeletones Chainsaw For Christmas A Chainsaw For Christmas Ectoplastic 2006
Remco Baby Laugh A Lot Commercial 1960s
Ideal Toys Voodoo Witch Doctor Commercial 1970s
Billy Pressman Nuttin' for Christmas 24 Greatest Dumb Ditties K-Tel 1977
AKIM & The Teddy Vann Production Santa Claus is a Black Man A John Waters Christmas New Line Org. 1973
The Pogues Fairytale In New York If I Should Fall from Grace with God Island 1987
Matt Fahey Away In A Madhouse A Very Scary Solstice H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society 2003
Silent Night, Bloody Night Trailer 1974
Various Silent Night Air Raid Holiday Horror UH 1980s
Weird Al Christmas at Ground Zero Polka Party! Scotti Brothers 1986
Count Scary We Wish You A Scary Christmas Single 800/CKLW 1984
Len Maxwell Season's Greetings from all the monsters A Merry Monster Christmas 20th Century-Fox Records 1964
Boris Karloff Special Message To Station Owners Boris Karloff Old Time Radio shows Halcyon 1957
Christmas Party Players and Orchestra Monster Christmas Mash Monster Christmas Mash Peter Pan 1974
The Addams Family We Wish You A Merry Christmas Christmas With the Addams Family ABC 1965
brian beathard I'm vixen damn it Christmas chuckles Christmas and oliday music 1997 US
Woofing Cookies Santa ain't santa Single midnight records 1982 us
The Goddamn Gallows In League With Satan 7 Devils Farmageddon records 2007
The Legendary Shack Shakers Where's The Devil When You Need Him Believe Yep Roc Records 2004
Papa Justify Conjure of Sacrifice Skeleton Key Soundtrack Universal Pictures 2005
Sons of Perdition Psalm of Sand Creek Psalms for the Spiritually Dead Gravewax Records 2010
Creech Holler Devil's Eyes Shovel and The Gun Bucket City Records 2008
Highlonesome Devil at The Door In Life We Can't Be Free Highlonesome 2009
Those Poor Bastards Swallowed By Sin Satan is Watching Tribulation Recording Company 2008
Strawfoot Damnation Way Chasing Locusts Vicious Books Media 2007
Angry Johnny and The Killbillies One Bullet Blues Puttin The Voodoo on Munroe Pete's Pig Parts Records 2005
The Pine Box Boys The Gravedigger Child of Calamity Hi Horse Records 2008
Ghoultown Hang Me High Give 'Em More Rope Angry Planet Records 2002
Miguel and the Living Dead Graveyard Love Alarm!! Strobelight Records 2005