The Suicide Watch

Ophelia Necro

Tonight, from midnight to 4am, The Suicide Watch helps you endure the holiday season. We will be featuring some new stuff c/o Prison Tatt Records to get you on your way to having nightmares of a black christmas. 


Post Punk, etc

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Monday 12/17/2012 @ 12:00AM - 4:00AM
HG Lewis Official Warning Eyepopping Sounds of HG Lewis Birdman
Quiet Please Little Fellow Quiet Please OTR
Dope Untitled 1 Dope Passion and Torment Series
Dreadlords Daughter of the Night Dreadlords Passion and Torment Series
Bondage Adentro Bondage Passion and Torment Series
Moloch Depressive Black Metal Plague Plague I Prison Tatt Records
Tomhet Contrachristian I Caliginous Prison Tatt Records
Dhampyr Dans la Souffrance White Fire Laudanum Prison Tatt Records
Lord Time Side A Forgotten Future Prison Tatt Records
Demonologists Trenchant Flesh Monolith Demonologists Prison Tatt Records
T.O.M.B. Within the Circle of Bones Xesse Prison Tatt Records
Sesso Violento Riped Man Craze Pacificador Prison Tatt Records
Glass Coffin Starless Unholy Night Haunted by the Ghosts of the Damned Prison Tatt Records
Haare Side A Rautapilvi Prison Tatt Records
Ives Burning the Incense, Amanita Viresa Abandon Prison Tatt Records
Ennio Morricone Postlude To The Third Wife Bluebeard Cerberus Records
Andi Sex Gang Disc 3- Daughter of Sam Full Global History X Dressed To Kill
Alfred Hitchcock I'll Walk Alone Intro Music To Be Murdered By Imperial
Ennio Morricone The Hunt Bluebeard Cerberus
Lunar Maps Strangers In A Fire Lunar Maps Self Released
The Tunnel Like A Hungry Knife Carver Brothers Lullaby Glorious Alchemical Co.
Grinderman Bellringer Blues Grinderman 2 Anti
Malditos Le Nuit Noir S/T Alchemy Coffin
Guilty Strangers Crooked Blinds Some Old Stuff 2008-2011 Self Released
Kanter, Igo, Shefter, Burt and Santell, Paul Intro/Run Pussy Cat Russ Meyer's Original Motion Picture Soundtracks Q.D.K. Media
Peak Twins/Scott & Charlene's Wedding Peak Twins-Needles and Pins Split Night People/Bedroom Suck
Yokokimthurston Let's Get There Yokokimthurston Chimera Music