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console game releases this week: Hitman absolution, Epic Mickey. There were a bunch of Wii u title but they did not relase the music so i do not have any to present this week maybe next week. Level 6 for those keeping track. Our adventures this morning are tales of symphonia, xenosaga 3,  and a little bit of gitaroo Man.

Hope you guys enjoy the set. Happy thanks giving BTW my listeners. GOBBLE GOBBLE 

Dizzy pix.

as always stay dizzy

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Thursday 11/22/2012 @ 6:00AM - 8:00AM
Thomas Bärtschi Main Theme Hitman Absolution
Jim Dooley Help Me Help You Epic Mickey 2
Motoi Sakuraba Town of Wind and Ruins Tales of symphonia
Hikaru Utada Sanctuary Kingdom Hearts 2
Fumio Tanabe Opening Guardian's Crusade
Yuki Kajiura Fifth Jerusalem Xenosaga 3
Hiroshi Okubo Blue Topaz Remix Ridge Racers
Koji Kondo Underground Theme Yoshi's Island
Yasunori Shiono Fortress of Doom Lufia
Jeroen Tel Main Theme Hot Rod is a Dutch composer who is famous for his commodore 64 traks also Tel is a founding member of the computer music group Maniacs of Noise alongside Charles Deenen who he met at computer meetings in Venlo, Holland
Yasunori Mitsuda Wind Scene Chrono Trigger 1995
Yoshitaka Hirota Final Battle Shadow Hearts 3
Michiko Naruke Scenery Called Everyday Wild Arms 3 2002
Masanori Adachi The Forest of Monsters Super Castlevania 4
Motoi Sakuraba Chaotic Dance Baten Kaitos
Justin Sobers Village Vay
Richard Joseph Opening Cannon Fodder Prior to working in games Richard had a fleeting career in the music industry working with artists such as Trevor Horn and Hugh Padgham. He later went on to be noted in game audio for bringing
Harry Gregson-Williams Main Theme Metal Gear Solid 2
Hideki Suzuki Philips Castle Lagoon
Ryuji Sasai Last Castle Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Yoko Kanno Din Don Dan Non Monstr Ragnarok 2
Hirofumi Taniguchi Opening Giftpia
Michiru Yamane Lost Painting Castlevania:Symphonia of the Night
Nobuo Uematsu The Phantom Forest Final Fantasy 6
Nobuo Uematsu Battle With Gilgamesh Final Fantasy 5
Dave Wise Treetop Tumble Donkey Kong Country 3
Kenji Ito Boss Battle Romancing Saga 3
Boris Salchow Eudora Logging Site Ratchet & Clank
Hidenori Shoji Octoman's Theme F-Zero GX
Tom Kim Stage 1 Journey to Silius
Minae Fujii Skull Man Stage Megaman 4
Yoko Shimomura Intro Parasite Eve
Shōji Meguro Town Normal Battle Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne
Martin O'Donnell Main Theme Halo