Bad Ideas



Punk, Rock, New wave, No Wave

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Wednesday 11/21/2012 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Goldendust After The Smoke Grew Thick Goldendust Night People
Videorougue Little Red Book Little Red Book/Total Destruction
Go Genre Everything Domestic Environment Domestic Dreams and Robots Vacant Valley
16-17 Davul 16-17/Hardkore & Buffbunker Savage Land
The Philosophic Collage Genius Genius BDR Records
Neon Boys, The High Heeled Wheels RIchard Hell/The Neon Boys Overground
The New Season Be Tough The New Season Vacant Valley
Modality Plaza Particle City House Of Watts
Scott & Charlene's Wedding Epping Line Para Vista Social Club Critical Heights
Dane Certificate Posterwars Miss Imagination Vacant Valley
Street Gnar Without Blue Poking The World With A Stick Night People
Glenn Branca The Ascension The Ascension 99 Records
Etat Brut Douce Nuit Mutations et Protheses Sub Rosa
Noise R Us! I Gotta Fire Let's Go Dancing/I Gotta Fire Played Write Records
Silver Daggers Trk 2 Shearing Pinx/Silver Daggers Arbor
Bob Danger City Super Bingo Dumb Records
Electric Psychadelic Headswirlers Moonkyte Compilation Vol. 4
King Tuff Screaming Skull Screaming Skull b/w Love Potion Sub Pop