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Friday 11/16/2012 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Revocation The Grip Tightens Teratogenesis Scion AV
Nekromantheon The Usurper Command Rise, Vulcan Spectre Indie Recordings
Dekapitator Deathstrike Command The Storm Before The Calm Relapse
Miasmal We Will Live Forever Miasmal Detest Records
Grave Disembodied Steps Endless Procession of Souls Century Media
Slogstorm Lempa Pa Havet Slogstorm Self Released
Dead Congregation Source of Fire Graves of the Archangels Nuclear War Now Productions
Blood Red Throne Trapped Terrified Dead Brutalitarian Regime Sevared
Nile The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh At The Gate of Sethu Nuclear Blast
Cenotaph Gorenographic Pervert Putrescent Infectious Rabidity Sevared
Melechesh Secrets Of Summerian Sphynxology Sphynx Osmose
Devil Time To Repent Time To Repent Soulseller
Enslaved Materal RIITIIR Nuclear Blast
Orchid Capricorn Capricorn Church Within
Krakow Termination of Origin diin Karisma
Grand Magus Valhalla Rising The Hunt Nuclear Blast
Krisiun The Sword of Orion The Great Execution Century Media
Blaspherian The Disgrace of God Infernal Warriors of Death Death Gasm
Behexen Kiss Of Our Dark Mother Nightside Emanations Debemur Morti
Mgla With Hearts Towards None I With Hearts Towards None Northern Heritage