Sesame Beat

Callisto & Cosmonaut

Anne Halo subbing this evening. Featuring the Not Not Fun record label from Los Angeles, CA specializing in Psych, Experimental, and Noise Rock.



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Thursday 11/22/2012 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Coughs/Night Wounds Coughs - Sexual Hijinks Bored Fortress Single Club split 7-inch Not Not Fun
Goslings Mew Occasion Not Not Fun
Barn Owl Lotus Cloud From Our Mouths a Perpetual Light Not Not Fun
Cloudland Canyon/Mythical Beast Mythical Beast - Coal Is Better Than Diamonds split LP Not Not Fun
LA Vampires Goes Ital Tons of Love Street Wise Not Not Fun
Haunted Castle/Grey Skull Grey Skull - Dark Birds Consume Me split 10-inch Not Not Fun
Ettrick Engulfer of Corpses Feeders of Ravens Not Not Fun
My Sexual Dad Triumph Shark Not Not Fun
Hello Astronaut, Goodby Television Bauhaus in the Middle of the Street Pixellated Math Costumes Not Not Fun
Maria Minerva Ruff Trade Cabaret Cixous Not Not Fun
Rangers Zombies (Night) Pan Am Stories Not Not Fun
Hospitals/Afrirampo Afriampo - Sore Ga-Guruguru guru Bored Fortress Singles Club split EP Not Not Fun
Odd Clouds Untitled 2 Deceiving Illusion Not Not Fun
Silver Daggers/Death Sentence: Panda! Silver Daggers - Faithful Unlawful Bored Fortress Singles Club split 7-inch Not Not Fun
Jonas Reinhardt The Tactile Dome Music for the Tactile Dome Not Not Fun
Topaz Rags Mind Power Capricorn Born Again Not Not Fun
Christina Carter/Pocahaunted aging split LP Not Not Fun
Pocahaunted All Of Is Of Make It Real Not Not Fun
Raccoo-oo-oon/Sword Heaven Raccoo-oo-oon - Visage of the Fox Bored Fortress Singles Club Split 7-inch Not Not Fun
Weyes Blood and the Dark Juices Dream Song The Outside Room Not Not Fun
Vibes Psychic Psychic Not Not Fun
Weirdo/Begeirdo Hello Hi So I'm Dude in This Equation Not Not Fun 2:11 cd