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Monday 11/05/2012 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Southern Comfort Silver and Gold Silver And Gold b/w Don't Cry No Tears Black Petal New 7-inch! Angie Bermuda & Harriet Hudson of Circle Pit. Australia
Straight Arrows Jeepster Can't Count Anti Fade reissue of first 7-inches. also w/Angie Bermuda
Straight Arrows Close That Door Can't Count Anti Fade
Useless Eaters Expensive Taste New Program Anti Fade New 7-inch! Memphis, TN
Subsonics Lime-Lime In The Black Spot Slovenly New 12-inch!
Peak Twins/Scott & Charlene's Wedding Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Hazy Morning Split Night People/Bedroom Suck New split w/Peak Twins! Australia
The Golden Awesome Autumn Autumn M'Lady's 2012 New Zealand
Coasting Starts And Stays You're Never Going Back M'Lady's 2012
Peak Twins/Scott & Charlene's Wedding Peak Twins - Only Sun Split Night People/Bedroom Suck Adelaide, Australia
Lazy Party City Party City Moniker New 7-inch! Kansas City, MO
Elegy Black Future Cemetery Earth Shadow of Fear New 7-inch! San Francisco
Call Of The Wild The Call The Call 7" JKSHK 2012
Shooting Guns/Krang Shooting Guns - Sky High & Blind Split Psychic Handshake New split 7-inch w/Krang! Saskatoon, Canada
Spanish Moss CHemical Catherine Kelp Spot-On Sound New 12-inch! Santa Cruz, CA
Fletcher C. Johnson Wasted Boys Salutations Burger New cassette! Brooklyn
Mac Demarco Cooking Up Something Good 2 Captured Tracks Montreal, Canada
Psychic Twin Deepest Part Gonna Get her Lefse Records New 7-inch! Urbana, IL
Bamu Express Awful Earlies Awful Earlies self-released 2012 Sacramento, CA
Featureless Ghost Flash Personality Matrix Night People New 12-inch! Atlanta, GA
Goldendust Remains Goldendust Night People New 12-inch!
Various Artists John Miles - Stranger In The City Dirty Space Disco Tigersushi
Various Artists Odyssey - Who Dirty Space Disco Tigersushi
Erick Saint Laurent Le Temp d'y Penser 1967 France
The Bluestars Social End Product Wild Things Vol. 1 Flying Nun 1966 New Zealand
The Challenge The Crunch Wild Things Vol. 1 1969 New Zealand
The Bintangs Groovin' The World For Us Spectra Sound 1966 Netherlands
Leslie Gore Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbows 1965
The Butterflies Goodnight Baby 1964