Neonate (Fighting For A Future)

Punk Roge & M. Riot

The time changes tonight and Riot is back! 3 hours of punk rock coming at you!!!!

* More punk rock than you can shake a stick at!
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RIP Luigi's in Davis.


Punk, Street Punk, Hardcore, International Punk, Riot Grrrl

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Sunday 11/04/2012 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Fang Here Come The Cops Here Come The Cops Malt Soda
The Gashers Law Is Not Order Law Is Not Order SquidHat
Crucifucks Official Terrorism Our Will Be Done Alternative Tentacles
Resist And Exist System Remains The Same Ad Liberty Mass Media
Class War Better Dead Than Wed! Better Dead Than Wed! Mortarhate 7inch
Spent Idols Do The Pogo Spent City Rockers 1+2
Unseen Social Security Lower Class Crucifixion A-F
Pistol Grip Cruxcifixion Politix The Shots From The Kalico Rose BYO
Bombenalarm Another Cheap Excuse No Mistakes MCR
Poison Idea Lifestyles Kings of Punk TAANG!
Poison Idea Endless Blockades For The Pussyfooter We Must Burn Tim Kerr G.I.S.M. cover
Corrupted Ideals No Future Anti System New Red Archives 7inch - 45RPM
Tribe 8 Allen's Mom Mother Outpunk 7inch - 45RPM
X-Ray Spex Identity Germ Free Adolescents Castle
Cock Sparrer Runnin Riot (Live) Shock Troops/Runnin Riot in 84 Step-1
Wasted Youth Fuck Authority Reagan's In/Get Out Of My Yard! Medusa
Naked Aggression Revolution On The Way March March Along Broken Rekids
Various Artists Bodies - Mr. President Eat Your Head Au-go-go
Sofa Head Invitation To Dinner Sofa Head Profane Existence 7inch
Sofa Head H Doesn't Work Sofa Head Profane Existence 7inch
Filth/Submachine Filth - Buttshits This Is Why We Are The Drunks CI 7inch
Filth/Submachine Filth - Dear Fuck This Is Why We Are The Drunks CI 7inch
Minor Threat Minor Threat Demos 1981 7inch
Minor Threat Filler Demos 1981 7inch
Specac I'll Be Deemed A Genius Tomato Fountainhead 7inch
Fleas and Lice I Don't Need You Parasites Skuld 7inch - 45RPM
Disorder Drop The Bomb Pain Headache Depression Trujaca Fala 7inch
Final Warning Eyes Of A Child Eyes Of A Child Tribal War 7inch
Killed In Action/Crucial Unit Killed In Action - Slumlord Seven Split Inches Of Destruction Fast For Life 7inch
Killed In Action/Crucial Unit Killed In Action - Dancefloor Justice Seven Split Inches Of Destruction Fast For Life 7inch
Flatout Feel Me?/Who The Fuck Do You Think you Are? Charles Bronson???/Collision/Chill The Fuck Out/Life Alert/Amongst The Flock Westbay Fastercore 625 Thrash/Unholy Thrash/Give Praise/Thrash Mouth 7inch
Capitol Punishment Tick Tick Tick Messiah Complex We Bite America
Ramones Time Has Come Today Subterranean Jungle Sire
Guttermouth Corpse Rotting In Hell Musical Monkey Nitro
Dils Class War Class War Dionysus
Civil Defense Capitol Punishment Papaganda Versus Civil Defense Go Johnny Go
Authorities I Hate Cops Puppy Love Get Hip
Antidote Die At War Thou Shalt Not Kill Hellbent
R.A.M.B.O. No Circle Pits In Heaven Wall Of Death The System 625 Thrash
Kungfu Rick 1000 Knuckles Rubbin Motivation To Abuse EA
What Happens Next? Smiling In The Face Of Certain Death The First Year New Disorder
Crucial Unit Baby, I Don't Want to Makeout, I Just Want to Circle Pit Everything went Strunk Six Weeks
Broken/React/Boiling Man React - The Forgotten One Three Way Split Elevator
Broken/React/Boiling Man Boiling Man - They All Fall Down Three Way Split Elevator
Quincy Punx/Rejects Quincy Punx - Insanity split Self Release 7inch
Thatcher On Acid Skin Banjo (Live) Chagrin D.A.R. 7inch
Celibate Commandos Gilligan's Island Celibate Commandos Oedipus 7inch
Smut/Ovo Ovo - Canaglia split Self Release 7inch
Yankeewuss Freedom Of Information Act It Is A Dark Time For The Rebellion Self Release 7inch
Yankeewuss Ritalin It Is A Dark Time For The Rebellion Self Release 7inch
React Blood Ties Deus Ex Machine 13th Floor
React Lost Circles Deus Ex Machine 13th Floor
Peter And The Test Tube Babies Banned From The Pubs Punk Singles Collection Anagram