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Friday 10/26/2012 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
The Necessaries Runaway Child Back Seat Love 2: All American Punk/Power Pop Never
Twilight Shift Hanging Around Ate Twenty King Records New Zealand
Fletcher C. Johnson Small Town Salutations Burger
Ray Stinnett You Make Me-Feel A Fire Somewhere Light In The Attic
Various Artists Billy Green - Amanda Radio Galaxia B-Music/Finders Keepers
Various Artists Spring - Wordplay The Cool-Aid Benefit Album Regenerator/Light In The Attic
Natural Child That's How I Got To Memphis For The Love Of The Game Burger
Wayne Rogers Surrounding Ego River Twisted Village
The Parasites of the Western World You Must Be Joe King The Parasites of the Western World De Stijl/Criminal
The Momes Mirror Egg Spiralling Woof 1989
Silver Apples I Have Known Love Self-Titled/Contact Kapp 1969 track orginal appearing on Contact
Paul Is Dead Crazy Blub Krad a LAFMS Light Bulb Magazine Musical Comp. 1978
Grape Soda Bullet Points From A Sign Kindercore
The Mud Hutters Chances Declaration Defensive
39 Clocks Shake The Hippy Zoned De Stijl
The Record Players Don't Go Backwards Double C Side 7 1978
The Twinkeyz Little Joey The Twinkeyz
Mike Rep and the Quotas Aliens In Our Midst 7 New World of Sound
The Screamin Mee-Mees Cartoonland 7 New World of Sound
White Noise III Burn 2 / Orbit / Leaving Song Re-Entry Pulse
Spoerri, Bruno Les Electroniciens Gluckskugel Finders Keepers
Der Plan A seite 7 1981
Ultraviolet Radio Together In Stereo Debut Cassingle Burger
Fine Steps Orestes Boy's Co. Song Records
Mac Demarco Annie 2 Captured Tracks
Touch 33 Degung Instrumental No. 2 Islands In-Between Touch
Karthala 72 Bahari Farasi Diable du Feu! Electric Cowbell Records