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Hello my GEEKS AND GEEKETS! SO it looks like im going to being doing a show again This Quarter. Ahh you have to love the fall quarter. The yellowing of the leaves and the time for buying that warm drink. BUT Guess What, The radio show called level up will be coming back. i may change the name depedning on how i present music but hey im back. SO im glad to be back my 3 fans.



So i did not have my last show last quarter so im going to have my last quarter show to be this one. The last game release song i had lined up was borderlands 2 so i will play that and a new game release this week. I have to tie up loose ends. But Overall again i am your dungeon master for this 3...i mean 2 hour block of music. Maybe you might encounter kirby fighting meta knight, maybe war torn "Battlefield", or even a katamari being rolled around.

 also the pickture is sleeping dog's main protagonist Shen Wei being all like naw im too cool.

 As always Stay dizzy

Dizzy Pixel


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Thursday 10/11/2012 @ 6:00AM - 8:00AM
Copilot & Bethesda Softworks Drunken Whaler Dishonored Official Soundtrack Bethesda 2012
The heavy Short Change Hero Borderlands 2 OST Gearbox 2009
Derek Duke Terran Theme StarCraft Blizzard 1998
David Wise Water World Donkey Kong Country 3
Go Ichinose Sootopolis City Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
Michiko Naruke The shining Spear Pierces the Darkness Wild Arms 4 2005
Nobuo Uematsu Dark Saint Battle Lost Odyssey 2007
koji Kondo Main Theme Super mario Bros 2
Martin Schioler City Speed Freaks
Noriyuki Iwadare Song of Freedom Fighters Radiata Stories system:playstation 2 2005
Yoshihiro Ike Main Theme Disaster: Day of Crisis system:Wii 2008
Koichi Sugiyama Overworld Dragon Quest 2
Nobuo Uematsu Decisive Battle Final Fantasy 5 1992
Akifumi Tada Blue Resort Bomberman 64 system:nintendo 64 1997
Yasunori Mitsuda Guardia Millenial Fair Chrono Trigger
Mitsuhiko Takano Temple of Droplets Zelda:Minish Cap 2004
Kenji Yamamoto Perfect Cell's Theme Dragon Ball Z Butouden
Yutaka Minobe Kingdom of Ixa'taka Skies of arcadia 2000
Yuko Takehara Life's a Beach Breath of Fire 3
Atsushi Fujio Main Theme The adventures of Bayou Billy 1988
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Akiro Pito Beginning Castlevania Dracula X 1993
Ganbarion Bell of Judgement One Piece Grand Battle 2
Tomohito Nishiura Professor Layton's Theme Professor Layton
Grant Kirkhope Treasure Trove Cove Banjo-Kazooie 1998
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