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Friday 10/05/2012 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Moonspell Alma Mater Wolfheart
Unholy Grave Seeds of Evil Cryptic Dirty Conformity
North Purity of the Tyrants Thorns on the Black Rose
Torture Killer Funeral For the Masses Swarm!
Withered Extinguished With the Weary Dualitas
LIfeless Final Sacrifice Beyond the Threshold of Death
Embalmer Bone Box There Was Blood Everywhere
Behexen Luciferian Will Nightside Emanations
God Dethroned Red Baron Under the Sign of the Iron Cross
Dark Funeral Thus I Have Spoken Diabolis Interium Thank you for the request!
Ascension Transit Years of Fire Thank you for the request!
Minenwerfer Sea of Nihilism Nihilistischen
Drawn & Quartered A World in Ashes Feeding Hells Furnace
Dismember Carnal Tomb Pieces Thank you for the request!
Shipwreck AD Thaw Abyss
Severed Savior Spoils of War Servile Insurrection
In Aeternum Of Unhallowed Blood Forever Blasphemy
Sacramentum Overlord Thy Black Destiny
Kaamos Doom of Man Kaamos
Byfrost Lord Victorious EP
Training for Utopia Modus Operandi Split with Zao
Pantheon I The Last Stand Worlds I Create
Immortal Souls Painbearer Ice Upon the Night