Indigenous Beats


Cosmonaut/Ernie from Sesame Beat taking the show today.

Featuring experimental music sure to ruin your mood!

And bringing down the spirits of even the most optimistic among us!

Is life even worth living?




Americana, Folk, Eclectic

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Friday 10/05/2012 @ 6:00AM - 8:00AM
Cluster Sowiesoso Sowiesoso Sky germany 1976
International Harvester I Mourn You Sov Gott rose-marie Silence sweden 1968
Guru Guru The Meaning of Meaning Hinten germany 1971
Amon Duul II Disaster Disaster / Luud Noma BASF germany 1972
Shock Headed Peters The Kissing Of Gods The Kissing Of Gods El (Benelux) europe 1985
Parson Sound Tio Minuter Parson Sound ti'llindien, Subliminal Sounds sweden 1968
Terry Riley In The Summer Lifespan Stip Record france 1975
Les Rallizes Denudes Night Of The Assassins '77 Live Rivista Inc 77 japan (released 1991)
Taj Mahal Travellers 1 1 - August 1974 Nippon Columbia released in japan 1975
AMM Ailantus Glandulosa Ammmusic 1966 ReR Megacorp UK 1966
Can Uphill Delay 1968 Spoon released germany 1981
Suicide Che Suicide Red Star Records NY 1977
Greenwood, Jonny Convergence Bodysong Hot Property