Fever Dreams



Welcome, wayward travelers, to the run-down side of the planet. In the coming weeks, our remaining sources of light and heat will begin to dwindle. Starting in a few days, those of us brave enough to remain will be busy preparing for this annual plunge into darkness, finishing the countless tasks that must be completed while listening to the last broadcasts from Earth before we turn out of range. After, there will only be silence

Indie Rock, Trip Hop, and Electronic to fill the void  


Eclectic, Indie, Electronic, Funk, Downtempo, New Wave, Alt-Rock

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Thursday 10/11/2012 @ 2:30PM - 4:30PM
Tame Impala Elephant Lonerism Modular Recordings 2012
Junkietron Persia W.A.R 2012
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Sympathetic Noose Howl Echo 2005
Drink to Me Picture of the Sun S Anemic Dracula 2012
Selva Oscura As Always As/Is/Was EP 2011
Lazer Cake Big City Lights Welcome to the Bitter Dawn 2012
Shigeto Huron River Drive Lineage Ghostly International 2012
Cherry Vanilla Moonlight Venus d'Vinyl 1979
Levanti Deep in Your Sea 2012
TEETH Percolator Meme ( Lazer Sword Remix) Meme is the new Riddim Sound Pellegrino 2012
Tame Impala Mind Mischief Lonerism Modular Recordings 2012
DJ Krush Song 1 Zen 2001
Dog World Vacation
Californiaman GIve Love Back 2012
Birkwin Jersey Sixies and Nines Time Doesn't Exist, Clocks Do 2011
Cupp Cave She Smells Like Sun Rays Retina Waves 2012
Diamond Messages You Were the One
Birdy Nam Nam Defiant Order Sony, Savoir Faire 2011
Skaters Schemers 2012
Sun Palace Rude Movements (Excerpt)
Project One Roughneck ( Interface Remix)
Vmazalsya Bluezz ( Feat. Cardio Rhythm)
Cyril Hahn Say My Name (Remix of Destiny's Child) 2012
Tame Impala Feels Like We Only Go Backwards Lonerism Modular Recordings 2012
Beacon Feeling's Gone For Now EP Ghjostly International 2012
The Prunes The Night Side The Plot Mo' Wax 1996
Thurty Mins Trap Arnold 2012
OL IWM 2012
Helvetia RyBro Nothing in Rambling Joyful Noise Recordings 2012
Roxy Music Just Like You Stranded 1973
The Bet Sometimes 1982
The Flaming Lips Goin' On At War With the Mystics 2006