Art For Spastics

DJ Rick

Live in Studio A tonight, our featured performers include two of Sacramento's most exciting acts: Charles Albright and Buk Buk Bigups!



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Monday 10/24/2011 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Battered Youth New Patriot v/a:The Master Tape Affirmation 1983
The Feederz Imitation of Life Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss? Flaming Banker 1984
Fang You're Cracked Where the Wild Things Are Boner 1984
Happy Flowers They Cleaned My Cut Out With a Wire Brush They Cleaned My Cut Out With a Wire Brush 7-inch Homestead 1988
The Jawas Express Lane Guy Cut in 1/2 7-inch Nation of Kids 1995
Rad Intro live in Studio A
Rad You're Donezo
Rad Geekanomics
Rad So Say We All
Rad Cover Your Tits in a Pit
Rad Never Turn Your Back (on a Mosh)
Rad Give it Away
Rad 90's Punk
Rad All You Ever Say
Rad Final War
Rad I'm an Adult
Rad We Got Lost
Rad Like it Simple
Rad Creep Out Crew
Rad Vortex of Death
Rad We're Donezo
Mikal Cronin Is It Alright Mikal Cronin Trouble in Mind
Glitte Wizard Mirror Man Solar Hits Archers Guild
Hawklords Flying Doctor 25 Years On Charisma 1978
Buk Buk Bigups Japanese Man Speaking live in Studio A
Buk Buk Bigups Chromus
Buk Buk Bigups Drug Apartments pt 1
Buk Buk Bigups Drug Apartments pt 2
Buk Buk Bigups Alternate Universe
Buk Buk Bigups Twin Sunsets
Buk Buk Bigups Double Buks
Fludd Get Up, Get Out, Move On '71 To '77 - From the Attic Attic 1977 (orig 1972)
JJ-180 Out to Lunch Out to Lunch 7-inch Indole 1978
The Zippers You're So Strange He's a Rebel 7-inch Back Door Man 1977
The Catholics Motor Drive Motor Drive 7-inch Duke City 1980
The Mutants So American So American 7-inch FTM 1978
Charles Albright Weight live in Studio A
Charles Albright I Am the Counter Culture (Drop Out)
Charles Albright Dane Cook
Charles Albright I'm on Drugs/Young Woman
Charles Albright Territorial Pissings [Nirvana]
Charles Albright I Wanna Hold You
Charles Albright The Hate Van [Head]
Charles Albright Louie Louie II
Charles Albright I'm a Fine Young Man, and I'm Doing so Well
The Pizzas Rock 'n Roll Radio We Don't Hafta Do Anything Anymore 7-inch Sacramento *forthcoming
OBN IIIs New Innocence The One And Only Tic Tac Totally
Zip Code Rapists Cut Your Hair [Pavement] Sing and Play the Matador Records Catalog 7-inch Ecstatic Piss 1994
Brane Damage Dead Meat v/a: Dumpilation: Uncle Shit Meets the Monster from Hell! Therapeutic ?
Swordkiller Evil Has no Fear v/a: Roots III (a Trilogy)