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DJ Rick



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Monday 10/17/2011 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Liguor Store Manchild in Paradise Yeah Buddy Almost Ready
Wheels on Fire Dead of Night Dead of Night/Surrender Road Milk N' Herpes
Sex Cult Start to Wonder Errand Boy Goner
Sharp Balloons Evening News Genetic Disorder Orange Plates Goner
Kitchen's Floor Needs Look Forward To Nothing Siltbreeze
Per Purpose Pregnant Again Implicating More Than One Bedroom Suck
Woolen Kits Maths Maths b/w Out Of Town R.I.P. Society
John Wesley Coleman/ Followed By Static JWC III - Personality Pancake Personality Pancake ep//Bacon Bear ep Way Out There Records
Degreaser A3 Bottom Feeder Negative Guest List
The Lost Domain The New South Blondes Chew More Gum Negative Guest List
The Life Partners Music is Hard Music Is Hard Ride the Snake
Sloth See Through All the Lies v/a: Four Dollar Ohio Kings no label 1998
King Blood Sinful Woman Eyewash Silver Permanent
Noggin Recidiviste v/a: Kiling Ha Muerto...Cuantas Veces? Climax 1995
P16.D4 Physisch Erschöpft Tionchor Selektion 1987
Balaclavas Standard Channels Snake People Dull Knife
Stacian Blood Sugar Pul Moniker
System Liliputt Smilet Harpa Dark Entries (orig 1984)
Colin Newman Quite Unrehearsed It Seems Crammed Discs 1988
Wire Advantage in Height Snakedrill EP Mute 1986
Junta Waldo self-titled 12-inch EP Day One 1984
Black Humor Dull Peoples Rights, O.K.! Love God, Love One Another Superior Viaduct *new (orig 1982)
Cornelius Gomez Dog Bone Dog Bone 7-inch Bulb 1993
Deerhoof Knew Knees The Return of the Wood m'lady krs 1995
Zip Code Rapists Cut Your Hair [Pavement] Sing and Play the Matador Records Catalog 7-inch Ecstatic Piss 1993
Fuck Monkey Does His Thing MonkeyBeautyShotgun 7-inch Rhesus 1994
Moviola Waste Waste 7-inch MindWalk/Eardrop Productions/Anyway 1993
Din Triptych 9 Shooter v/a: Fear of Pop Music vol One Fear of Pop 1993
Toiling Midgets Trauma Girl Sea of Unrest Instant 1982
Toiling Midgets Incendiary Dead Beats Thermidor 1985
Formica Man Brutal Women Formica Man Self Released
Sex Church Beneath the Bottom Growing Over Load