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Monday 10/10/2011 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Europa Sombras y Suenos La Ultima Emocion! Dark Entries (orig 1981)
Starter Part of You Starter Dark Entries (orig 1981)
Cheveu Si Je Menerve Encore Singles Club Year Two 7-inch Columbus Discount *new
The Fall Jawbone & the Air-Rifle Hex Enduction Hour Kamera 1982
Rank/Xerox Cave Dweller Rank/Xerox Make a Mess
Landlords Mutant Hangout Hey! It's a Teenage House Party! Catch Trout 1985
My White Bread Mom Counter Culture Daddy Warlord split 7-inch w/ Moody Jackson Burnt Sienna 1995
Latin Dogs Killed in Jail Warning E.P. 7-inch no label 1982
The Hates What Am I Living For? Panacea Faceless 1982
The Hates Punk 1301
Angry Samoans Inside My Brain Inside My Brain Bad Trip 1980
The Wax Museums Livin' in the Eyeball Zoo Full Of Ramones Tic Tac Totally
The Wax Museums Claw You Like a Cat Zoo Full Of Ramones Tic Tac Totally
The Users Sick of You Sick of You 7-inch Raw 1977
Mystery Girls Shake Me Up Baby Missing in Action Casino 1984
The Mystreated Nothing Baby There's No Escape 7-inch Sympathy 1992
Mystery Dates Borrowed Time Easy Action 7-inch Beehive 1983
The Vamps What's Your Excuse? self-titled 2x7-inch Beehive 1980
OBN IIIs Kick Me Out The One And Only Tic Tac Totally
The Myth Blue Murder self-titled Midnight Music 1987
Hell Shovel Blow Holes and Q-Tips Sonar Elastici, Il Pianceta Si Risveglia Sound of Cobra
Ant-Bee Eating Chocolate Cake (in the Bath)/My Cat Pure Electric Honey Voxx 1990
Yamantaka/ Sonic Titan Queens YT​/​ ​ST Psychic Handshake
Many Mental Mistakes My Way Trois Many Mental
White Europeans Sun Arise Sun Arise 7-inch Aura 1980
Muscle Drum Swimming Headache Fog Hag Break Up
Jealousy I Would Do That for Him Viles Moniker
Mattress Reason to Live Eldorado Malt Duck
Tuxedomoon Incubus (Blue Suit) Desire Ralph 1981
Tuxedomoon Crash What Use? 12-inch EP Ralph 1982
Martin L. Gore Compulsion [Joe Crow] Counterfeit EP Sire/Mute 1989
Bruce Gilbert Epitaph for Henran Brenlar The Shivering Man Mute 1987
Frank Tovey Ultramarine Civilian Restless/Mute 1988