Art For Spastics

DJ Rick

Goodbye, Memphis! It was a great Gonerfest. Tonight's show will recap the greatest moments and look forward to the continued onslaught of the Aussie Invasion 2k'11, presented by KDVS Events at venues near you!



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Monday 9/26/2011 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Mean Jeans Gonerfest Theme v/a: Gonerfest 8 7-inch Goner *new
The Sleaze Called You Once Called You Once 7-inch Total Punk *new
Outdoorsmen Violent Hands Violent Hands Total Punk
Burning Itch Brains Fall Out Burning Itch Tic Tac Totally
The Pack Nobody Can Tell Us Com'On 7-inch Eversongs 1978
Tight Fits All Balls All Balls 7-inch Rat City 1995
The Smuts She Got Me Hot She Got Me Hot + 2 7-inch Certified PR 2001
Sad Sack Heinous Bitch Heinous Bitch 7-inch ERL Records 1991
Blue Angels on Hogs 7-inch Angels on Hogs 7-inch Gatemouth 1990
Psandwich Like a Metaphor Northern Psych Columbus Discount
Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin Fame / Suffragette City [Bowie] v/a: Group Flex Castle Face *new
Acid Baby Jesus Android Robot self-titled Slovenly *new
Deaf Wish Broken Eyes Deaf News 7-inch Idget Child *new
Deaf Wish Make it Hurt self-titled Radio Records Melbourne *new
Mondo Phase Band Horseshoe split 7-inch w/ Nothing People Captcha *new
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys Nobody Else Nobody Else b/w Help R.I.P. Society
Royal Headache Never Again Royal Headache R.I.P. Society
Artful Dodger Loretta Babes on Broadway Columbia 1977
Big Star Don't Lie to Me #1 Record Ardent 1972
Nitzinger Witness to the Truth self-titled Columbia 1972
Bloodrock Kool Aid Kids Bloodrock 'n' Roll Columbia 1975
Tragic Mulatto No Juice The Suspect 7-inch Alternative Tentacles 1983
AG Davis + Jamison Williams Auto De Fe Auto De Fe Gilgongo
Ceramic Hobs Blackpool Transport Shaolin Master 7-inch Idwalfisher/Harbinger Sound 2002
Mattress Eldorado Eldorado Malt Duck
Black Bug Shard of Glass Shard of Glass HoZac
The Dreams Aloha Miami Morbido Kill Shaman
Parasites of the Western World Politico Politico 7-inch Criminal 1979
Home Blitz A.T.K. A.T.K. 7-inch Mexican Summer *new
Festering Rinyanyons Swimmin' Hole Swimmin' Hole 7-inch Train Wreck 1993
Ovens Losin' Now It's Over Catholic Guilt
Victory Acres Looking Up the Bottles Neck split 12-inch w/ Joke Flower Placebo
Joke Flower Hunger Dogs/Condition Red, Gone Fishin' Fred/The King of Emptiness
Art Bears Rats & Monkeys Winter Songs Ralph 1979
Lakes Secret Rites Winters Blade Inverted Crux