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DJ Rick

I'm departing for Gonerfest 8 in Memphis tomorrow 'til just in time for next week's AFS on KDVS. Gonna party w/ a lotta Aussies, plus The Gories, Icky Boyfriends, Ty Segall, Human Eye, Alarm Clocks, Shannon & the Clams, NoBunny, and tons more killer bands...majorly stoked!



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Monday 9/19/2011 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Claude Coma & the I.V's Let's Go to Hell Art from Sin Government 1982
The Breakouts No More No More 12-inch Accelerator 1983
The Lewd Magentic Heart American Wino ICI 1982
Helen Wheels Band Brotherhood of Outlaws Postmodern Living Real American 1981
Helen Wheels Room to Rage Destinations Unknown 7-inch GO GO 1978
Flirt De-Generator Don't Push Me 7-inch Real 1978
Destroy All Monsters You're Gonna Die Bored 7-inch IDBI 1978
Fat History Month Live in Studio A, Sat 9/17
Fat History Month Free as a Cat
Fat History Month Things I Enjoy
Fat History Month
Fat History Month
Fat History Month Bald History Month
Kitchen's Floor Live in Studio A, Sat 9/17
Kitchen's Floor
Kitchen's Floor
Kitchen's Floor
Kitchen's Floor Orbit
Kitchen's Floor
Eddy Current Suppression Ring Walking in Unison Walking in Unison 12-inch Captcha *new
feedtime Small Talk v/a: Why March When You Can Riot?! Aberrant 1985
Breaking Circus Swept Blood/Where The Ice Machine Homestead 1986
Box the Jesuit Satan v/a: Waste Sausage Black Eye 1987
Boy Dirt Car Harm split LP with F/i RRRecords 1986
Sexual Milkshake Space Gnome Space Gnome & Other Hits 7-inch Teenbeat 1990
Sexual Milkshake A L'aurore De L'age Du Meurtre En Masse Sing-a-long in Hebrew Teenbeat 1992
Bad Daddies Not That Kind of Girlfriend s/t Finch
The Croissants I Don't Braindead Airhead Sacramento
Gaunt I Don't Care I Can See Your Mom From Here Thrill Jockey 1995
The Spivs Taped Up It's True b/w Taped Up Almost Ready
FM Knives I Can't Afford You Know Estrogen SmartGuy 2002
Woolen Kits Out of Town Maths b/w Out Of Town R.I.P. Society
Superconductor I'm Going to Blow Your Fucking Head Off v/a: Teenbeat Fifti Matador/Teenbeat 1993
The Oblivians Feel Real Good Never Enough 10-inch Sympathy 1994
The Statics Burgers & Fries Rat City Ripoff 1994
Pocket Fishrmen The Leader is Burning The Leader is Burning 7-inch Noiseville 1989
Nothing People Pride split 7-inch w/ Mondo Phase Band Captcha *new