Vinyl & Music Fair 2014

10666092_10152248298175810_6338861856764448042_n Join us Sunday, October 5th the Vinyl & Music Fair! In collaboration with Armadillo Music, the event will be held at the Davis Senior Center (646 A Street). The event is open to the public from 9 AM to 4:30 PM with live music from our DJs....

Adore, 1996 Interview


Adore, 1966 is the latest project of Wellington-based musician Daniel Johann Lines. After only two songs survived a house fire from the artist's home, Daniel has been recreating...

Videogames + the 80s with Kurt Feldman

kurt feldman

80s romantic Kurt Feldman of Ice Choir talks to us about video games, the 80s, babes, and what he's been up to lately this summer.

Can you explain what happened with Milf & Teen Gallery promoting "Afar" on twitter?


Hip Hop, Philosophy, and Thoughts w/ Milo of the Hellfyre Club

milo Wisconsin to LA transplant Rory Ferreira is better known as his stage name Milo, a member of the LA-based Hellfyre Club. This week we spoke with him and got an in-depth look at Milo’s writing process, musical preferences, and his artistic identity. What’s the hip hop scene like...

Alex Calder: Canada’s Finest

caldeer What is there to say about Alex Calder? One might call him a modern renaissance man. This man just goes in. In addition to his debut EP Time, released through Captured Tracks, along with his music available through Bandcamp, Alex has challenged himself with feats such as cooking,...

<3 Chatting with Greta Kline of Frankie Cosmos <3

54a29d69 Frankie Cosmos is an up and coming, New York-based indie rock band fronted by Greta Kline. We caught up with her this last week to ask about her writing process, increasing exposure in the press, and her spirit animal.  What’s your favorite Frank O’Hara poem? I...

Heating Up with Hot Flash Heat Wave


It's summer and these boys are keepin' it hot! We had a chance to speak with Hot Flash Heat Wave, who played the most recent Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom festival, about their music, wild show stories and their favorite karaoke songs!...

New Volunteer Meetings Summer 2014

We are proud to announce the upcoming  dates for new volunteer meetings for Summer 2014. Come on by if you're interested! KDVS Summer 2014 Volunteer Ad  ...

KDVS News and Public Affairs and Third Space Art Collective

Did you hear? The KDVS News and Public Affairs Directors teamed up with Third Space Art Collective to screen print some mad KDVS Fundraiser 2014 shirts! If you bought one, you're a lucky duck. These were made out of love for also those Newsies/Public Affairsiesout there. DSCN3381

An Interview with the Dean of Medicine

Did you miss the interview with the UC Davis Dean of Medicine on In a Heartbeat? Listen to it here: This show also covered the American College of Surgeons Annual Meeting in Berkeley, CA - don't miss out! [caption id="attachment_1169" align="aligncenter" width="377"]ACS... 						
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