Music Review: I Feel Like Dog

KDVS DJ Dogman and the Hillbillies gives us their take on Marinera’s 2019 album ‘I Feel Like Dog’

It’s just dudes being dudes – a tremulous-voiced singer backed up by fretted instruments and a drum kit. And these dudes rock! They indie rock.

It’s fun. It’s anthemic. It’s sentimental. It’s nothing I haven’t heard before, but it’s very enjoyable nonetheless. That’s Marinara’s I Feel Like Dog.

It’s not breathtaking or moving or experimental. It’s incredibly orthodox indie rock – the sort of band you or a friend could be in, the sort of band that could play at the Turtle House. But not every band has to mindblowing, does it? There’s a certain appeal to the rejection of pretension. There’s something so sublime about stupidly indulging in one’s youth – not a whit of care in the world. Put this EP on as the soundtrack to the coming-of-age film of your life – and live in the moment while you can.