Album Review: For the People – Various Artists

for the people

[LISTEN] [Label: Jakarta Records] [Date Released: October 16, 2014] [Genre: Hip-Hop]

European producer Brenk Sinatra found a unique and altruistic way to pursue his musical ambitions as the head of his newly released project, For the People. The digital album is composed of 16 unreleased tracks supplied by various artists across the world. The beauty of this project comes from the fact that it not only showcases the talents of so many different producers, but also that 100% of the proceeds from this release will be donated to refugees in Iraq and Syria.

Inspiration for this project stemmed from Brenk’s friend Aras who requested that Brenk perform at a charity event for the refugees in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. These families face daily struggles for basic necessities such as food, clean water, and warm clothing, and Aras himself wanted to deliver any money collected to the Dohug and Erbil Governorate, which is near the Iraqi/Syrian border. Brenk realized that he would not be able to perform at the requested time and decided to find another more impactful way to support the refugees. He called upon a variety of artists to contribute to his idea, and from here For the People was born.

The album opens with an intro by Brenk himself, welcoming listeners into his “universe of love, beauty, and other funky things”, with a final declaration that it is time for the people. He contributes one more beat to the mix with the more psychedelic, “Moon Balloon”, and then hands the stage off to other artists for the remaining fourteen tracks.

One of the benefits of having this wide range of artists is that at least one of the 16 tracks will appeal to every listener. For example, Hade provides the album with a more upbeat track called “Club of Tea, Please”, an aberration from the rest of the album with it’s club-appropriate lyrics. House Shoes takes another approach with “Victory”, a more weightless and uplifting beat. German producer IAMNOBODI supplies an even mellower sound yet with “Intermissions for Syria”, and its soothing and steady notes. Each and every one of the artists on the album contributes their own unique sound that combine to make this sampler what it is.

This album is a must listen for producers and beat-enthusiasts alike with its wide variety in tracks that are able to provide listeners with all types of sounds from the upbeat to the tranquil. This project also supports a great cause by trying to aid refugees in countries such as Iraq and Syria, which means listeners can feel good about the music and good about how this music is trying to change the world.

[Favorite Tracks: “Victory” by House Shoes and “Ybab” by Saiko]

by Nona Bhatia