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The Playlist That Would Have Been


By: Hannah Strumwasser

On Friday I took a somewhat spontaneous road trip to L.A. with my good friend DJ Mollcatz. Ok, she's not actually a DJ, but if she was, that would definitely be her DJ name. We managed not to die on...

Interview: Genuis

genuis We got a chance to catch up with electronic music act Genuis. After playing a string of shows, including opening for Au Revoir Simone and performing at the KDVS 50th Anniversary, Genuis is in the process of producing records, album art, and music videos for their album...

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Mixes

"Don't be a Valentines creep. Play these indie, lo-fi, and rock love beats for your sweet" By: DJ Handsome Atom
(Listen to the mix here!)
 Track: Artist: Album: Label 1. Dream About Me: The...

Interview: Dogbreth

An Interview with Tristan from Dogbreth By: Rebecca Sicile-Kira


“This band is unstoppable!” declares Dogbreth’s facebook page.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  With their new full length Sentimental Health out and a mini-tour booked with Waxahatchee this spring, it seems as if big...

Interview: John Andrews (QUILT)

An interview with John Andrews from QUILT. By Libby Miller They may be art students from Boston, but their music evokes pure west coast gold. Rich harmonies like sunshine at magic hour, quirky bridges, warm key shifts, piano and strings rippling like surf in the ocean... All of this plus languid...

Happy 50 Year Anniversary KDVS!

Welcome to the new KDVS website! More specifically, the new Public Affairs page. Conrad from "Conrad's Corner" on Wednesdays from 8:00AM-9:00AM shared a Brief History of KDVS (listen here) that you definitely want to check out for some sweet KDVS trivia. Check out his show page under the KDVS Programming Grid for more information!  ...
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