Top 5 Adds


  1. Deaf Wish
    Lithium Zion (Sub Pop)
  2. Free Cake For Every Creature
    The Bluest Star (Double Double Whammy)
  3. T. Hardy Morris
    Dude, The Obscure (Normaltown)
  4. Trash Knife/Dumb Vision
    Split 7" (Kitschy Spirit)
  5. Bulkhead
    Aft Pressure (2MR)


  1. Pro Et Contra
    Pro Et Contra (Pataphysique/MonoChrome Vision)
  2. Anla Courtis, Kawaguchi Masami, Fukuoka Rinji
    Ramen En Los Parlantes (Pataphysique)
  3. Yann Novak
    The Future Is A Forward Escape Into The Past (Touch)
  4. Eve Fowler
    Words Doing As The Want To Do (Radical Documents)
  5. Turning Jewels Into Water
    Which Way Is Home? (FPE)


  1. Tough Customer
    Darlene (Sweet Rot)
  2. Dog Party
    Hit & Run (Brat)
  3. The Brankas
    My Parkour Body (Snafu Family)
  4. Table Sugar
    Collected Acknowledgements (Stucco)
  5. Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson
    I Say To You (Radical Documents)


  1. Wolves Of The Dry Ravine
    Play With Matches Near The Powder Keg (Stepdads)
  2. R.C. Boys
    Rad Conspiracy (Sacramento)
  3. Rad/Croissants
    Split 7" (Sacramento)
  4. The Croissants/Charles Albright
    Split LP (Sacramento)
  5. The Wild Kindness
    Happy Now (20 Sided)


  1. Funeral Horse
    Psalms For The Mourning (Artificial Head)
  2. Uni
    Uni (Chimera)
  3. Outer Spacist
    Illness Is A-Creepin' On A Come-Up (Heel Turn)
  4. Arndales
    Shops (In The Red)
  5. Bren't Lewiis Ensemble
    The Inevitable Typo On Sheila Ostrich's Tombstone (BUFMS)