Top 5 Adds


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  1. The Molds
    Black Mold (Volar)
  2. Susan
    TV Girls (Volar)
  3. Lithics
    Mating Surfaces (Kill Rock Stars)
  4. Greg Ashley
    Fiction Is Non Fiction (Dusty Medical)
  5. Gallery Night
    Color TV (Dusty Medical)


  1. Charnel Ground
    Charnel Ground (12XU)
  2. Casual Hex
    Zig Zag Lady Illusion (Water Wing)
  3. Media Jewler
    1 800 Succed (Fire Talk)
  4. Wax Chattels
    Wax Chattels (Captured Tracks)
  5. Bad Times
    Streets Of Iron (Goner)


  1. Velveteen Rabbit
    Mind Numbing Entertainment (Hozac)
  2. Anton Barbeau
    Natural Causes (Beehive)
  3. Eric Chenaux
    Slowly Paradise (Constellation)
  4. Come Holy Spirit
    Asters And Disasters (Water Wing)
  5. F.U.K.
    Road Kill b/w I Got A Head (Hozac)


  1. The Sueves
    R.I.P. Clearance Event (Hozac)
  2. Ruby Karinto
    Ruby Karinto (Hozac)
  3. Drew Daniel/John Wiese
    Continuous Hole (Gilgongo)
  4. Jackie O Motherfucker
    Bloom (Futurological)
  5. Parquet Courts
    Wide Awake! (Rough Trade)