Top 5 Adds


  1. Warm Drag
    Warm Drag (In The Red)
  2. Knife Knights
    Time Mirage (Sub Pop)
  3. Sarah Davachi
    Gave In Rest (Ba Da Bing)
  4. Graham Reynolds
    The Difference Engine (Sonic Surgery)
  5. Gilberto Rodriguez
    Sabor Maracuya Desnuda (Empty Cellar)


  1. Obnox
    Bang Messiah (Smog Veil)
  2. Death Valley Girls
    Darkness Rains (Suicide Squeeze)
  3. Kikagaku Moyo
    Masana Temples (Guruguru Brain)
  4. Mudhoney
    Digital Garbage (Sub Pop)
  5. Tommy And The Commies
    Here Come Tommy And The Commies (Slovenly)


  1. The Intelligence
    Live In San Francisco (Castle Face)
  2. Tim Cohen
    The Modern World (Sinderlyn)
  3. Marbled Eye
    Leisure (Digital Regress)
  4. Various Artists
    The Sore Losers (Goner)
  5. The Goon Sax
    We're Not Talking (Wichita)


  1. IV
    IV (Total Punk)
  2. Unholy Two
    The Pleasure to End All Pleasures (12XU)
  3. Predator
    No Face (Total Punk)
  4. Borzoi
    A Prayer For War (12XU)
  5. Violence Creeps
    Nephew Melting (Total Punk)


  1. Turqouiz Noiz
    Pray For Rain (Related)
  2. Hand Grenades
    Demos To London (Last Laugh)
  3. Puppy & The Hand Jobs
    I Eat Abortions (Black Gladiator/Slovenly)
  4. Dean Spunt
    EE Head (Radical Documents)
  5. Woolen Men
    Post (Dog's Table)