Top 5 Adds


  1. Crushed Stars
    Displaced Sleepers (Simulacra)
  2. Amps For Christ
    The Plains Of Alluvial (Water Wing)
  3. Coast Office
    Coast Office EP (Sturdy Girls)
  4. Tim Darcy
    Saturday Night (Jagjaguwar)
  5. All Them Witches
    Sleeping Through The War (New West)


  1. Various Artists
    Antologia De Musica Atipica Portuguesa Vol.1: O Trabalho (Discrepant)
  2. Flesh Frog
    Flesh Frog (Shovel-Tusker)
  3. Woods
    Live At Third Man Records (Third Man)
  4. Thigh Master
    Early Times (Bruit Direct Disques)
  5. Lawrence Crane
    Craniostomy 1981-1987 Vol. 1 (BUFMS)


  1. Gareth Dickson
    Orwell Court (12K)
  2. Solo Andata
    In The Lens (12K)
  3. Ty Segall
    Ty Segall (Drag City)
  4. Cloud Nothings
    Life Without Sound (Carpark)
  5. Japandroids
    Near To The Wild Heart Of Life (Anti-)


  1. So What
    Hard Gum (Just Add Water)
  2. Lo Pan
    In Tensions (Aqualamb)
  3. This Town Needs Guns
    Disappointment Island (Sargent House)
  4. Neighbors
    Neighbors (Self-Released)
  5. Ron Gallo
    Heavy Meta (New West)


  1. Feral Ohms
    Live In San Francisco (Castle Face)
  2. Jacuzzi Boys
    Ping Pong (Mag Mag)
  3. Forth Wanderers
    Slop (Father/Daughter)
  4. Russian Tsarlag
    Unexplained American Goat (Wharf Cat)
  5. Klaus Johann Grobe
    Spagat Der Liebe (Trouble In Mind)