Top 5 Adds


  1. Protomartyr
    No Passion All Technique (Domino)
  2. Gary Hoey
    Neon Highway Blues (Provogue)
  3. The Mekons
    Deserted (Bloodshot)
  4. William Hooker
    Cycle Of Restoration (FPE)
  5. Turning Jewels Into Water
    Map Of Absences (FPE)


  1. Terry Allen & The Panhandle Mystery Band
    Pedal Steal + Four Corners (Paradise Of Bachelors)
  2. BCUC
    The Healing (Buda Musique)
  3. The Growlers
    Who Loves The Scum? (Beach Goth)
  4. The Dead C
    Rare Ravers (Ba Da Bing)
  5. Mdou Moctar
    ILana: The Creator (Sahel Sounds)


  1. ()


  1. Pedestrian Deposit
    Dyers' Hands (Monorail Tresspassing)
  2. E.T. Explore Me
    Shine (Vodoo Rhythm)
  3. Sonny And The Sunsets
    Hairdressers From Heaven (Rocks In Your Head)
  4. Lambchop
    This (Is What I Wanted To Tell You) (Merge)
  5. Avey Tare
    Cows On Hourglass Pond (Domino)


  1. Liz Meredith
    Repro (Spleen Coffin)
  2. Shana Cleveland
    Night Of The Worm Moon (Sub Pop)
  3. Drugdealer
    Raw Honey (Mexican Summer)
  4. Weyes Blood
    Titanic Rising (Sub Pop)
  5. Orville Peck
    Pony (Sub Pop)