Top 5 Adds


  1. Submissions
    Submissions (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia)
  2. Scarcity Of Tanks
    Ringleader Lies (Total Life Society)
  3. Theoreme
    L'appel du Midi a midi pile (Bruit Direct Disques)
  4. Zoomers
    From The Planet Moon 7" (Mighty Mouth Music)
  5. Turqouiz Noiz
    Sweat Lodge (Related)


  1. Mall Walk
    Funny Papers (Mt. St. Mtn.)
  2. Gap Dream
    This Is Gap Dream (Burger)
  3. Swimming In Bengal
    Garden Of Idle Hands (Baggage Claim)
  4. Mourn
    Ha, Ha, He (Captured Tracks)
  5. The Druggles
    Spacegod Pills (Cubby Control)


  1. The Suburban Homes
    Are Bored (Total Punk)
  2. Various Artists
    Goin Up The Country (Bindlestiff)
  3. The Plastic Harmony
    Voyage Of The Angernaut (Self-Released)
  4. Dark Blue
    Start Of The World (12XU)
  5. The Dance Asthmatics
    Lifetime Of Secretion (Ever/Never)


  1. Mozes And The Firstborn
    Great Pile Of Nothing (Burger)
  2. Honeyblood
    Babes Never Die (FatCat)
  3. Monomyth
    Happy Pop Family (Mint)
  4. Graffiti Trials
    No Dancing (Split/Pursuit)

  5. ()


  1. NxWorries
    Yes Lawd! (Stone's Throw)
  2. Jay Som
    Turn Into (Polyvinyl)
  3. American Monoxide
    Web Content (PIAPTK)
  4. King Henry
    Don't Stay Away (Duke City)
  5. Berwanger
    Exorcism Rock (Doghouse)