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Alonely & Brotha Time

Hella boring noise stuff. you know.


Do what thou Wilt, will be th whole of the law...


Experimental & Metal & Noise

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Monday 4/05/2010 @ 6:00PM - 7:30PM
Oval Process Process Thrill Jockey
Biota Old Reason Road Almost Never Cuneiform
AGF Private Birds Westernization Completed Orthlong Musork
Hijokaiden Part 1 Ferocityof practical.i
Robedoor Arabia Arabia Not Not Fun
Trayer +Vowelic becoming Consonantal One Over Zero Porter Records
Bothwell, Solomon muchachos abrazos S/T Self-Released
Cell auto Mata gws bearse The devil is in the details ant-zen
Bobos, Ros Kiss the Goat Mandatory Astral Projections Self Released
Open City Assembly language, growth wizards, The Birth of Cruelty Thin Wrist