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dj biff subbing for this week :))) playing some emo and hardcore



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Monday 7/17/2023 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
I Hate Myself Drama in the Emergency Room Drama in the Emergency Room No Idea
Newfound Interest in Connecticut And Started Sharing Stories Tell Me About the Long Dark Path Home We Are Busy Bodies
I Hate Sex San Francisco Circle Thinking
Mitsubishi Suicide Song for Ciara H Song for Ciara H
Everyone Asked About You Me Vs. You Everyone Asked About You Numero Group
Rites of Spring End on End End On End Dischord
VS Self Yesterday by The Beatles or: Imagine by Yoko Ono as Performed by John Lennon Everything See
Native Nod Bread Today Puberty, Tomorrow the World Gern Blandsten Records
Flowers Taped to Pens North Migration S/T
Embrace Building Embrace Dischord Records
Brand New Jesus Christ The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me Interscope Records
Mastoids Circadian Low Long Walk // Short Pier Heads to Speakers
On the Might of Princes Go Fuck Yourself Sirens Revelation
Indian Summer Woolworm Giving Birth to Thunder Numero Group
empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) What Safe Means What It Takes to Move Forward Count Your Lucky Stars Records
Dag Nasty Values Here Can I Say Dischord
foxtails ego death fawn
My Brave Little Abacus Please Don't Cry, They Stopped Hours Ago Just Got Back From the Discomfort We're Alright
Dahlia Seed Statement of Please Excuse All the Blood Spirit of Orr Records
44.caliberloveletter las miradas serán ríos, y los ríos heridas en las piernas del vacio A Hedgehogs Dilemma See You Next Summer
sowithout. brimstonehell,me septemberthirteenthtwentynineteen
Mohinder To Satisfy Oh Nation, You Bleed From Many Wounds, 1896 Numero Group
Sunny Day Real Estate In Circles Diary Sub Pop
Orchid I Am Nietzche Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! Ebullition Records
Portraits of Past Bang Yer Head Discography Ebullition Records
Moss Icon Locket Complete Discography Temporary Residence Ltd.