The Saturday Morning Folk Show

Bill Wagman & Robyne Fawx



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Saturday 7/01/2023 @ 9:00AM - 12:00PM
The Young'uns Tiny Notes Tiny Notes
Salt House The Salmon Run Riverwoodsw
julia Crafton Mr. Johnson Nothing
David Bennett Cohen Dylan's Hat Bittersweet
Michelle Malone Dustbowl Fan Favorites Vol. 1 Unplugged
Charles McDevitt Skiffle Group Freight Train Essential Collection Skiffle
Tom Rush Panama Limited No Rgrets
Bukka White Special Streamline Parchman Farm
Grateful Dead Casey Jones Workingman's Dead
Grateful Dead The Monkey And The Engineer Reckoning
Dan Bern Elly De La Cruz Elly De La Cruz and Other Stories
Dan Bern The Year By Year Hit Totals O Pete Rose Elly De La Cruz and Other Stories
Dan Bern On To Cincinnatti Elly De La Cruz and Other Stories
Dan Bern Gamblin' Eit My Love (Pete Rose) Elly De La Cruz and Other Stories
James Keelaghan Alberta Second-Hand
Special Consensus Highway 95 Great Blue North
Peter Lanf Texas John Boscoe Texas John Boscoe
The Sherpas She Ain't A Pistol (Sge's A Shotgun) Promise To Harry
Alan Senauke & Kleptograss Busted - The Saga Of Donald Trump Single
Jenny Scheinman Ali Farke Touche Mischief And Mayhem
Rhiannon Giddens At The Ourchasers' Option Freedom Highway
Kuddie Trail Of Tears Someone Like Me
Kuddie Lovin' Of The Game Someone Like Me
Chris Pierce Tulsa Town Tulsa Town
Matthews SOuthern Comfort If I Were A Carpenter The Woodstock Album
Amelia Hogan The Old Churchyard Taking Flight
Amelia Hogan The Woodthrush Song Taking Flight
Dave And Toni Arthur The Cruel MotherHarken To The Witches Rune Harken To The Witches Rune
Foggy She's Far Away Single
Foggy Dew-O Gypsy Rover Foggy Dew-O
Maxwell & Nicholson Trees And Things Single
Libby Rodenbough Anothre World Between The Blades
Brennan Leigh Carole With An E Ain't Through Honku Tonkin' Yet
Gypsy Store Troubadours PBR Small Town Sounds
Michelle Malone Feather In A Hurrican Unplugged Single
Dr. Roger Payne Tower Whales Songs Of The Humpback Whale
Dr. Socrates The Heaton Pit Disaster Time Traveling
Bruce Janaway Odes (C) Odes
Jan Dukes de Grey Call Of The Wild Rats And Mice In The Loft