Ought Cot Dot Trot

DJ Supreme Whip Cream


Avant Garde & Bold & Current & Experimental

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Wednesday 9/13/2023 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Splendora Breeze In The Grass
The Belltower Outshine the Sun Popdropper
The Nymphs Revolt Nymphs
Dahlia Seed Milk Valentines Kid's Litter
Eve's Plum Blue Envy
Free Kitten Harvest Spoon Nice Ass
Madder Rose Ultra Anxiety (teenage style) Panic On
Boss Hog Winn Coma Boss Hog
Soul Coughing Super Bon Bon Irrisistible Bliss
Gumball Accelerator Super Tasty
Sonic Youth Swimsuit Issue Dirty
Luna Speedbumps Rendevous
Splendora Daria Daria
Lunachicks Don't Want You Pretty Ugly
Versus Fallow The Stars are Insane
Cibo Matto Beef Jerky Viva La Woman
Thursday Porcerlan Waiting
The Voluptous horror of Karen Black Alaska `A National Healthcare
Jets to Brazil China Town Orange Ryhming Dictionary
Ivy This is the Day Apartment Life
Yo La Tengo Little Honda I Can H0000ear The Heart Beating as One
Type O Negative Cinnamon Girl October Rust
Silver Jews Advice to the Graduate Starlite Walker
Fur Beautiful Wreck Fur
Nada Surf Hollywood High/Low 1996
Inger Lorre Yard of Blonde Girls Trancendal Medication
Blonde Redhead Sciuri Sciura Blonde Redhead
Liars Grown Men dont fall in the river, just like that They Threw us all in a trench and stuck on a monument on top 2000
Les Savy Fav The Ends Cat and Cobra
Helmet In The MEantime Meantime