This, That And the Other

DJ Sagebrush

Would you like to hop aboard a time machine and venture into the distant future? Perhaps instead, you might want to put the machine in reverse and travel back into the past. In this case, we'll find ourselves reversing the clock and our journey will take us back to 1895. This was the year Dan Quinn recorded "Streets of Cairo". This recording was made on a phonograph wax cylinder. We'll slowly head back to the present while spending a fair amount of time during the transition period from wax cylinders to phonograph records between roughly 1896 and 1923. The songs will revolve around early jugband, blues, fiddle, piano, banjo, country, hillbilly, folk and a dose or two of yodeling. Continuing forward to 1928, we'll spend time in the rural countryside while being exposed to more country, blues, folk and jugband music with smatterings of washboards, gazoos and ukeleles appearing on the scene. From there, the time machine will transport us back to the current date - in this case, September 6th, 2023...



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Wednesday 9/06/2023 @ 3:00PM - 5:00PM
Don Richardson Mississippi Sawyer 1916
Dan Quinn Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill 1901
Len Spencer and Charles D'Almaine Dogfight 1901 - Woof!
Uncle Josh/Cal Stewart Ticklish Reuben 1902
Bentley Ball The Dying Cowboy 1920
Harry McClaskey When You and I Were Young, Maggie 1920
Tuskegee Institute Singers I Want to be Ready/Get on Board 1916
George P. Watson Sleep, Baby Sleep 1901
Arthur Collins and Company I Got to See the Minstrel Show 1907
Harry C. Browne and Peerless Quartette Gwine to Get Home Bye and Bye 1919
Dan Quinn Streets of Cairo 1895
Fred Van Epps Turkey in the Straw 1920
May Irwin Bully Song 1895
Carroll C. Clark De Little Old Log Cabin in de Lane 1909
Billy Golden and Billy Heins Good and Bad 1918 - funny!
Wendell Hall It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' 1923
Jimmie Rodgers Waiting For a Train/Daddy and Home/Blue Yodel 1928
Whistler's Jugband Foldin' Bed 1930
Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux Happy Am I 1935
Bascom Lamar Lundsford Band Doggett's Gap 1928
Jules Allen Home on the Range 1927
Uncle John Scruggs Little Old Cabin Round the Lane 1928
Jack Johnson's Jazz Band Tiger Rag 1929
Fiddle and Guitar Player at Square Dance Waggoner (?)
Bela Lam and Family Poor Little Benny 1927
Cumberland Ridge Runners Goofus 1935
Eddie Thomas and Carl Scott Tomorrow/My Ohio Home 1928
Georgia Field Hands Mary, Don't You Weep 1929
Bun Wright's Fiddle Band Soldier's Joy 1932 (?)
Ted Weem's Orchestra Cheer Up 1930
Otto Gray's Oklahoma Cowboys A Vaudeville Review 1928 (?)