This, That And the Other

DJ Sagebrush

The focus of today's show will be on indigenous ("First Nation") music recorded by musicians from various tribes including the Chippewa, Cherokee, Blackfeet, Crow, Cree, Rosebud Sioux and a number of other tribes. The first part of the show will highlight traditional Pow Wow ceremonial music - lots of chanting and drumming. This is certainly a good example of very early American roots music - far before the white man had made his way to this country...



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Wednesday 8/23/2023 @ 3:00PM - 5:00PM
Painted Horse Straight
Young Bird Fancy Dance
Fly in Eagle Side Step
Cody Blackbird Band Promised Land
Little Island Cree Remember Me, I'm the One
Elk Whistle Jingle Dress Contest
Mike "One Star" Elk Soldier
Southern Cree Thunder and Lightning
Lakota Thunder Way of Life
Daniel Two Coyotes Wakan Tanka Inipi Song
Grey Buffalo Happy Eagle
Toksa Ake Tiana Spotted Thunder
Jack Bull Northern Cree and Friends Tyrpique
Young Grey Horse Rebel Red
Chester Mahooty Zuni Sunrise Song
Walela Cherokee Morning Song
Sharon Burch Sacred Wing
Primeaux and Mike Healing Song
Judy Trejo Doazi Tumbi
The Garcia Brothers The Basket Dance
R. Carlos Nakai Cleft in the Sky
Robert Tree Cody/Rob Wallace and Will Clipman White Buffalo
Without Rezervation Are You Ready For War?
Cornel Pewewardy and the Alliance West Singers Kiowa Hymn
Joanne Shenandoah Tekanatsyaslitha
Blackstone Singers Victory Song
Black Lodge Singers Mickey Mouse
Burning Sky Native Funk
Ed Lee Natay Sacred Mask Dance