This, That And the Other

DJ Sagebrush

The majority of promos I’ll be playing on todays show revolve around psychedelic music, psychedelic bands, musicians, guitars, concerts, venues, movie trailers, radio stations, and also stores that no longer even exist. The intent of what I’m going to play is educational. We’ll get a glimpse into the past when psychedelia swept across the country in the 1960's. For those who are into nostalgia – do you remember the Longshoreman’s Hall in San Francisco? How about Leopold’s Records in Berkeley? The Longshoreman’s Hall was the location of one of the first psychedelic concerts – the building is still there but its days as a psychedelic venue are long gone. Leopold Records vanished from Berkeley back in 1996.  Do you remember Tiny Tim? How about the cancelled Hippie Love-in at the Grand Canyon on June 16th, 1967?  Psychedelic overtones far outweigh any commercial advertisements that pop up in some of the upcoming promos. So – let’s go back in time – and remember – you can’t fence time…***note: I have left the "Artist" column blank (with a few exceptions) as the majority of the promos are not presented by an actual artist - the "song" column is comprised of the given promo announcement.**





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Wednesday 7/26/2023 @ 3:00PM - 5:00PM
Psychedelic Circus promo
Jefferson Airplane White Levis promo
The Living Eye promo
The Hippie Revolt promo
Psychedelic Cola promo
Psychedelic Soft Drink promo
The Cheetah #1 promo
The Cheetah #2 promo
Remington Electric Razer promo
Rice Krispies promo
Wake up With Milk promo
Great Shakes promo
Rinse Clean promo
Troggs Beer promo
Vox Wah Wah promo
Gretch Guitar Contest promo
Hal's Record Shop promo
Leopold's Record Shop promo
Danby's promo
Paul Seargant - Nehru Jacket Spot promo
H.I.S. Clothing promo
Jeans West promo
Brawley Male Sportswear promo
Northwest Orient Airlines promo
The Golliwogs Action USA promo
The Happening promo
Hormel Weiners promo
New York Telephone promo
Springfield Rifle promo
Pete Townsend Air Force promo
Bob Griffin U.S. Senate promo
Tackle Men's Gel promo
Tiny Tim Midnight Supper promo
The Scoundrels The In Sound promo
The Galaxy Nightclub promo
The Sex Machine Club Spot on WHAT Radio in Philadelphia promo
The Velvet Underground LP Promo promo
I am a Groupie promo
Green Slime Trailer promo
Wild in the Streets Trailer promo
Bunny Lake is Missing promo
Wild Angels Movie Promo Spot promo
The Kitrchen Cinq (Garage Band From Amarillo, TX promo
Moby Grape LP promo
Dr. West Medicine Show and Junk Band promo
The Big TNT Show promo
Surrey College promo
London Sweepstakes promo
118 Edgar Allen Poe Electric Memorial Concert promo
Trips Festival Promo promo
Monterey Pop Promo - KRLA Los Angeles promo
KRLA News Hippie Love-in at the Grand Canyon 06.16.67 promo
The Who BBC Radio One promo promo
Mitch Ryder Etiquette Advice promo