This, That And the Other

DJ Sagebrush

Today's edition of "This, That and the Other" will encompass surf/garage rock/psychedelic rock and what might (or might not) be referred to as mind expansive punkadelic. Most of the tunes were recorded by obscure groups between 1966 and 1970. However, one of the songs was recorded in 1978. There's alway an exception to the rule!



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Wednesday 6/28/2023 @ 3:00PM - 5:00PM
The Shades Ballot Bachs 1968
Pinocchio and HIs Puppets Fusion 1967
Question Mark and the Mysterians Hang In 1969
Unbelievable Uglies Research Into the Soul of Psychedelic Sound 1967
Oxford Circle Mind Destruction 1967
The American Dream Tioga First record recorded by Todd Rundgren (unsure of year)
Powers of Blue You Blow My Mind 1967
Spellbinders Spellbound 1966
Hal Blaine Love In (December) 1967
Cucumber Under 1968
Captain Groovy and His Bubblegum Army Bubblegum March (or Blowing Bubbles Through Rose Colored Glasses 1969
Vaqueros 69 1966
The Sounds Like Us The Other Side of a Record 1967
The Ceyleib People Ceyladd Beyta 1968
The Collectors The Beginning 1970
The Beautiful Daze City Jungle Part 2 1968
The Mussies 12 O'Clock, July 1967
Dave Allen and The Arrows Make Love, Not War 1967
The Endd The is Really the Zoo Plus Two 1969
101 Strings Flameout 1969 (?)
Jerry Cole A Disappointing Love Affair With a Desensitized Robot (not sure what year)
The Calico Wall Flight Reaction 1967
The Victims of Chance Breakaway 1968
The Blues Train Ride the Train 1969
The Carnations Scorpion 1961
The Triumphs The Walk 1969
The Keggs To Find Out 1967
The Surf Riders Surf Time 1969
Licorice Stix Faith Abounds I Think 1978 (unsure)
The Renowns My Minds Made Up 1969
The Ondios Black Widow Early 1960's