Nothing Exceeds Like Excess

Brian Faulkner



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Sunday 8/27/2023 @ 4:00PM - 6:00PM
Sonic Youth I Love Her All the Time Live Brooklyn 2011 Silver Current 2023
Harry Pussy Brown Butterfly 7" Palilalia 2023
Fushitsusha Todome yarikata Hikari to nazukeyō Heartfast 2012
Kray Cherubs Rot In Hell Mom 7" Snakeskin 1989
Solids Padma Gling Pa 7" From The Same Mother/Million To One 1997
Skullflower I Live in a Bottomless Pit 7" Fierce 1989
White Suns Palermo Catacombs Dead Time Orange Milk Records 2022
Liquorball Untitled Willy the Worm 7" Blackjack Records 1991
Kito Mizukumi Rouber Botsu Midori Mushi San Connichiwa ‎7" Siltbreeze 2012
Kyoaku No Intention Bone 兇悪のインテンション P.S.F. Records 2001
King Blood Dead Meet Vengeance, Man Richie Records 2012
Zone Six Apollo Untertassen Echodelick Records – Echodelick/The Acid Test Recordings 2023; recorded 2011
Shizuka For You III Concentric Circles 2023
Doodles また、目が のこり Alchemy Records 2004
Usurabi Pura Outside of This World An'archives 2023
Yonju Miyaoka If only we could think one more time, one more chance forgotten spirits reminds me of I'm still have to do (more than this) Tall Grass Records 2022
Akiko Hotaka, Takuya Nishimura, Ikuro Takahashi Kaze Live An'archives 2021
Stars of the Lid Music For Twin Peaks Episode # 30, Part I The Ballasted Orchestra Kranky 1997; RIP Brian McBride