Nothing Exceeds Like Excess

Brian Faulkner



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Sunday 8/13/2023 @ 4:00PM - 6:00PM
Mohama Saz Yorum '91 Quemar Las Naves Mock Records 2020, playing Sacramento next Friday!
Sonic Youth Brave Men Run In My Family Live In Brooklyn 2011 Silver Current 2023
Bardo Pond Flux Lapsed Matador 1997
Nothing People Stick in the Mud Late Night S-S 2009
Public Interest Undone Spiritual Pollution Erste Theke Tonträger 2023
Spiral Dub And More And More Again Spiral Dub Sanctuary Moon 2023
Famous Mammals Thou Art Abstract Instant Pop Expressionism Now! Siltbreeze 2023
Gordons Spic and Span Gordons Flying Nun 1988; orig 1981
Fuckwolf My Life Goodbye, Asshole Silver Current 2022
Snapper Can Shotgun Blossom Avalanche Records 1990
Brian Crook Leprosy Bathysphere Medication 2000
Moon Duo Stumbling 22nd Street Escape Woodsist 2010
The Bad Trips First Priority The Bad Trips Rocketship Records 2007
The Troubles Times Wind Gets Through Another (Fucking) Sunday Another Sunday 2023
Greymouth Pippies n' Cockles Parked Up Sophomore Lounge 2023
William Henry Meung Chain of Birds Hiraeth And Limerence Horn of Plenty 2023
Little Skull Part 2 A Wayside Shrine Digital Regress 2023
Marisa Anderson and Tara Jane O'Neil Wishing Well 7" Jealous Butcher Records 2023
Dirty Three Great Waves Cinder Touch and Go 2005
Old Saw Bobcat Sarabande Sewn to the Name Lobby Art 2023